TAELER: NWA Empowerrr Reactivates NWA Women's Tag Team Titles

Through the decades there have several promotions that have been synonymous with Women's Wrestling in the industry, and the NWA was certainly one of them. With an extensive evolving history of the whose who of pioneering women's wrestlers, in my mind, the NWA has some of the most prestigious lineage of any promotion dating back to the territories of days past. If you love Pro Wrestling and you are dedicated to your craft, then you'll know the important role the NWA has had for Women's Wrestling dating back to the mid 1930's with the inaugural NWA Women's World Champion Mildred Burke and through on to the NWA Women's World Tag Team Titles in the 1950s.

At one time, one of the most sought after belts the NWA had on its roster was in fact the NWA Women's Tag Team Championship Titles. Titles that date back to the 1950s as I mentioned and reads like a crazy awesome Pro Wrestling History lesson that found its way to the WWE after they left the NWA Territory and formed its own under the WWF banner. As I've discussed numerous times, I've always been an avid fan of tag team wrestling, and I've been lucky enough to turn that passion into actually competing in successful tag teams with many talented women in the industry, and now getting to write about them. And that brings me to the subject of this piece - NWA Empowerrr's Tag Team Tournament reactivating and crowning brand new NWA Women's World Tag Team Champions!

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The NWA Empowerrr PPV was the first of I hope many special events to come from NWA that will highlight the plethora of amazing talent that's currently in the industry today and far into the future the way the company was known for when it was founded. NWA Empowerrr brought the fighting spirit and the lively competition that started the NWA Women's Division back to life during this PPV which had it trending all night on Twitter. The PPV was the culmination of years of thought, hard work, passion, and determination. A mission if you will and most assuredly a passion project of Mickie James that ultimately came to fruition when NWA gave her the platform to prove the value in this concept going forward. And one such move was the NWA Women's World Tag Team Championship Titles…

As the night progressed, we would see two worthy tag teams heading into the finals on NWA Empowerrr. Two impressive teams would clash. Teams that in my opinion proved women's tag team wrestling is alive and well. The Hex Allysin Kay and Marti Belle squared off against AEW's KiLynn King and Red Velvet. In this match, it's in my mind that, in spite of the outcome, AEW can now see the depth/potential for a women's tag team division in their own company that could in fact compete in NWA. Especially after the great performances by Velvet and King. In the end though the more experienced team won and now for the first time since roughly 1984 you have brand new NWA Women's World Tag Team Champions - The Hex Allysin Kay and Marti Belle!

I couldn't be more happy to see this as these specific belts, the NWA Women's World Tag Team Titles mean the world to me after studying so much tape from former NWA Women's World Tag Team Champions who ultimately became the first WWF Women's Tag Team Champions - Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre! Now, this hard fought and well-deserved opportunity to represent NWA with brand new gold belongs to long-time bffs Allysin Kay and Marti Belle and that is amazing! These two ladies are now forever on the same list of whose who with legends of WOmen's Wrestling in the NWA! Two women who have faced it all in the industry for over ten plus years and still hungrily fight each and every bout the way they did when they first started. Its hard to hate that kind of passion and dedication. With such passion, grit, mental toughness,, tenacity, and of course a bit of Midwest badassery their win would seem inevitable. It's with this that I hope to see more tag team bouts in NWA and more NWA Empowerrr PPV's to come and dare I say AEW Women's Tag Team Titles? A huge congratulations to both ladies as the new empowerrr'd NWA Women's World Tag Team Champions, Allysin Kay and Marti Belle!

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