TAELER: NXT 2.0 Provides Perfect Home For Mandy 2.0

In a recent interview with DAZN, WWE Superstar Mandy Rose went into candid detail revealing surprising amounts of wit, wisdom, and gumption that has fans seeing her in an entirely new light. Now before the IWC negative train tries to steam roll me, I'm just going to say this with zero apologies: I have actually always loved Mandy Rose. While NXT 2.0 has been met with mixed reviews, I personally think it's going to provide even more opportunities while still holding true to the fighting spirit that built the essence of NXT and what the brand represents as the future of WWE. And this interview with Mandy makes that all the more clear and draws attention to exactly what I've always seen in Mandy Rose herself and her value as a WWE Superstar.

As a woman in wrestling and an avid fan of wrestling I tend to look at deeper things that possibly the average fan might not even notice. Growing up I used to always hear that the devil is in the details. And I am a firm believer in that idea that little things add up to big things. And I do believe that that keeps me humbly grounded while also not being one to settle for mediocrity. It's here that I lend credence to the little subtle nuances. The details that in my opinion make or break a storyline, character, vibe, or even a WWE Superstar. The walk. The talk. The charisma. The look. The gear. The outfits. The makeup. The hand movements and gestures. The facial expressions. The posture. The words and inflections.

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They all matter. All the little details matter. And as the saying goes you either have "it" or you don't. Charisma is something that just cannot be taught. And in most independent wrestling schools, these little nuances are things that are unfortunately not taught and result in a star looking indy instead of a full fledged mega star. Moves are stressed more so than the complete package. So you better hope you already know or find someone willing to show you. Mandy Rose is one of those mainstream stars willing to show other women how to elevate themselves. As a woman who has been in wrestling since I was an awkward 17yr old, I cannot stress how much I would have desperately wanted a Mandy Rose to show me all the things it took me 10 years to painstakingly figure out. Oh to avoid all those years of awkward poses, makeup, outfits, and tragic hair styles...like I said priceless knowledge...

In this DAZN interview you see that Mandy Rose not only has "it," but she gets "it" too. Which to me is just as important as having "it." Some people in the business are so self-absorbed that they fail to realize the necessity of helping to build others while also building yourself. It's a cycle. To change. To evolve. To elevate. The one constant in science is change. And as I say, no one will pay to watch you wrestle the invisible man. If you beat someone who isn't anyone, then how is that impressive? How does that make you look good? Answer is it doesn't. And clearly Mandy Rose understands that concept and has committed herself to change. To evolving. Or as they say, Mandy 2.0 and Toxic Attraction.

She goes on to talk about the WWE Universe's perception of her versus how she perceives herself and how sometimes the two have often been at odds. She cites her prior gimmick as The Golden Goddess as reference for a jumping off spot to make her point. Here, in this, is another instance where I can relate in my own way on a smaller scale. I won't presume that I am even as close to the level of beauty she possesses, however, what I can say, is that I understand the negative aspects of people defining you by how you look or by the sum of the curves of your body as an object instead of your passion and dedication to Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. I didn't realize that Mandy Rose felt the weight of others' preconceived notions of her and that honestly makes me sad because its clear she's capable of some amazing things in the WWE. But, at the very least, Mandy Rose welcomes the change that she feels NXT and now NXT 2.0 provides to her as well as what she feels she adds to it in return. And I think this will be her time to showcase her fullest potential as a WWE Superstar and Public Figure.

When Mandy Rose elaborates on the aforementioned point I feel the gumption in her words. Not only is she embracing the evolution and a little more creative control for the direction of her WWE persona, she is also helping add to two other WWE Superstars as the three make up the new faction of Toxic Attraction. The name itself pays homage to what they once were without insulting fans as to what the fans remember them for. It's a good direction. Mandy Rose goes on to discuss what she can add that I think is very important and I wish I would have had early on in my career. Rose has valuable knowledge and experience with presentation. How to carry oneself. How to conduct oneself in interviews. In posing for photos. Fashion. Live T.V presentation and experience. These are priceless and key to a successful transition to the main roster as well-being vital for a lengthy prosperous mutually advantageous career in the public eye. The total package if you will.

While Mandy Rose is focusing on proving she is more than just her looks she's also helping Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne polish themselves within the confines of being a televised talent on a rigorous WWE schedule. This is not an easy environment where your every flaw is on full display. One bad camera angle. Bad choice of gear color. One wrong move.... High stakes. Lots of pressure. Seeing someone lend a helping hand will have immeasurable positive effects. I've already seen an immediate boost in confidence, traction, and overall presentation in them that's well-deserved in my opinion. I'd totally love a group like Toxic Attraction. As the weeks continue you will see more polished versions of Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne as well as Mandy Rose as they continue to evolve and learn from each other as a faction and unit. As Mandy herself has already said, they've had just as much influence on her as she has had on them. I'm incredibly excited to see how far they go and fully ready to watch Mandy Rose prove all her naysayers wrong! Let's go NXT 2.0!

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