TAELER: NXT Women's Championship On The Line: Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Franky Monet

WWE NXT 2.0 is already heating up the NXT Women's Division after its recent relaunch complete with a new logo and morale. A key women's title match is scheduled for this upcoming episode and promises to be a must see bout. While each WWE Superstar's journey to the top is difficult and exceedingly trying, two commonalities ring true in each story - hunger and passion. In my mind both are present in this impending clash of NXT titans!

After an unforeseen delay to her plans Franky Monet finally gets her long awaited chance to secure herself her very first WWE Championship. Some highly prized gold in NXT representing the pinnacle seat in the division. However, it is yet to be foreseen if this will be a fair championship bout for the NXT Women's Championship seeing as how Franky is usually not alone. This indeed begs the question, will the current NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez walk out still holding her coveted NXT gold after her title defense against Franky Monet?

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Raquel Gonzalez has most definitely earned the phrase 'reigning and defending champion.' Her Championship run thus far has not been easy. And that's putting it mildly. However, with that said, I often think that what comes easily is usually easily lost. So there's that. Now here we are on the eve of another championship bout and at every turn she has not only done what all other women in the division couldn't do when she defeated the then NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai, she also defeated Mercedes Martinez and even her own former best friend, Dakota Kai. As every opportunity has presented itself in real time we've been fortunate enough to see growth from Raquel Gonzalez as she continues to rise to her fullest potential as an emerging WWE Superstar!

Walking into NXT this week Raquel Gonzalez will be putting it all on the line when she squares off against La WWEra Loca Franky Monet with her minions in tow. All her hard work. The triumphs and obstacles. They've all led to this. Will this be a fair fight? While we do regrettably owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Stone for not only convincing William Regal to make this match a reality once again but also maybe a little foresight should be added as well since the champion will be presumably entering a 3 on 1 fight instead of a single match. And as we all know Robert Stone isn't above inserting himself into a women's match on behalf of his clientele.

With such a successful track record as Raquel Gonzalez has amassed this match takes on a whole new meaning. A second generation wrestler proving herself on her own merit match by match and day by day versus a fellow competitor who's traveled the world and back for over 10 years for this very opportunity. Both ladies will collide in the prestigious pursuit of the same goal but perhaps utilizing very different means to justify their ends. So who will you be rooting for? Are you rooting for your NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez? Or are you looking to shake things up with the challenger La WWEra Loca herself, Franky Monet? Share your thoughts with us here at fightful.com!

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