TAELER: Raw Women's Championship Added To SummerSlam

It's official! The Raw Women's Championship Title will be on the line in a Triple Threat Match up at SummerSlam. At the helm of this announcement riding a monstrous wave of newly gained momentum is Nikki A.S.H. Fast on the heels of her huge career shifting win at Money in the Bank is her following through with that win and cashing in! Let the countdown begin towards the biggest WWE PPV of the summer - SummerSlam...

Nikki A.S.H will be one of three women entering SummerSlam with the sole goal and singular focus zeroed in on the Raw Women's Championship. Typical of a Triple Threat bout, Nikki A.S.H will not be alone in her pursuit of WWE Championship Gold heading into SummerSlam. The Raw Women's Title recently won and currently held by Charlotte Flair will be on the line as she squares off with both the former Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and Money in the Bank Winner Nikki A.S.H. The Raw Women's Champion will walk into SummerSlam sporting some impressive WWE gold, but it is yet to be foreseen if she'll leave SummerSlam with that same gold…

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With the renewed interest WWE is pouring into the reinvented Nikki Cross as Nikki A.S.H, it isn't unreasonable for WWE fans to question her role at SummerSlam ahead of her big challenge for the Raw Women's Title. With all three ladies having good claims to the title it could be anyone's win. Although, it is important to remember that under the usual tried-and-true Pro Wrestling formula, a reinvented WWE Superstar getting a big push into the title conversation is usually the recipe for a championship win. Could this be Nikki A.S.H's moment?

Speaking of moments… I think we could say the same for Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley both. Charlotte Flair, who not unlike Nikki A.S.H, has also undergone some significant character development in her ongoing feud with Rhea Ripley. So much so that the chemistry between the two took the crowd from chanting for 'Becky Lynch' to cheering 'this is awesome' at Money in the Bank. All of which brings to mind several questions that I think should be considered by the WWE Universe ahead of SummerSlam.

Question one: could the act of Charlotte Flair dropping the belt so soon after winning it at Money in the Bank prove to be an immovable inherent barrier to the steam gained by both Flair and Ripley that was witnessed at Money in the Bank? Too many title runs in so short a time? Or, perhaps considering how long the belt was held by Asuka prior to her loss at Wrestlemania to Rhea Ripley warrants several changes before heading into another long reign?

Question two: stemming from the aforementioned points, what about Rhea Ripley? Her main roster debut and subsequent title run from Wrestlemania through to Money in the Bank were key examples displaying her dominance and potential with her WWE counterparts. Would suffering a loss yet again tarnish her own main roster push? Counter argument I'd also like to throw out there would be that if Charlotte Flair was pinned for the win, that could potentially keep Ripley's trajectory intact and on track.

Question three: continuing on that same thought, perhaps the same inherent barrier could be said for Nikki A.S.H as well? Could this monumental push for Nikki A.S.H be wasted and by proxy her Money in the Bank win be for nothing if she lost to either Flair or Ripley? However, with respect for each woman's gimmick and place in the ongoing storylines, I think Charlotte Flair could suffer the loss better than Ripley. Why? Very simple - it all comes down to gimmick and placement. Rhea Ripley's character is not the same as Charlotte Flair's. They aren't interchangeable and thus more valuable. Charlotte Flair's onscreen character could get away with trying to overturn a loss to Nikki Cross in much the same fashion she did onscreen with Ripley and Asuka with an assist from Sonya Deville. The same wouldn't make sense for Rhea Ripley.

With that said, another counter argument posed could be valid as well for two key purposes simultaneously. Nikki A.S.H potentially losing at SummerSlam may actually be a good way to build her as the ultimate underdog character depending on how its written. It also provides the necessary time needed to continue building heat for the heels to lead to an even more meaningful win for Nikki A.S.H down the line. And therefore not a waste of her Money in the Bank win cashed in for SummerSlam...

All things considered it stands to reason that there are several key questions and the answers to them varies depending on whom you talk to. Could we see a new Raw Women's Champion crowned on August 21st at SummerSlam live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas? Who will that winner be - Nikki A.S.H or Ripley? Will the Raw Women's Champion find a way to overcome two formidable foes in order to retain her grasp on the coveted Raw Women's Championship? Who will you be rooting for? Tune in live and share your thoughts with us here at Fightful.com!

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