TAELER: Samantha Irvin Debuts in WWE

Samantha Johnson, a Massachusetts native and avid Pro Wrestling fan recently made her highly anticipated and well-deserved debut as one of her dreams came true - joining the WWE family. Hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts, the oldest in a large family, Samantha became a lifelong WWE fan from a very young age. Her dreams and aspirations all revolved around the performing arts. Embarking on her own journey right out of high school, Samantha Johnson wasted no time in pursuing the music industry. A twisting journey of spirals corkscrewing downs and incredible ups that would ultimately land her as one of the newest superstars in WWE now known as Samantha Irvin.

As a frequent guest on the 'Talks with Taeler Hendrix' podcast on russosbrand.com, Pro Wrestling fans began to fall in love with the passionate and talented woman behind Samantha Irvin - Samantha Johnson. From America's Got Talent season 10 as a semi finalist, Samantha Irvin gained valuable experience and confidence in herself as an artist by performing for iconic judges like Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, and Neil Patrick Harris. As her belief in herself grew and her innate abilities flowed through her, she captured the notice of viewers from all over the world, making Massachusetts and most especially her family proud. With love, guts, and gumption she held her head high and reached further and farther towards her goals.

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Irvin, while on 'Talks with Taeler Hendrix,' was as candid and heartfelt as any passionate performer could possibly be as she made herself vulnerable in relaying how her world-traveling and performing brought her to a point of humble gratefulness. A sense of value and self-worth as she can boast an album on iTunes and soon to be a second. A freedom to let her voice ring true and her flute be a guide for her creativity as a recording artist and live singer. Performing for Thriller Live, Vegas The Show, and more recently Fox's hit TV Show 'I Can See Your Voice' hosted by Ken Jeong. The hit show would highlight Irvin as The Flautist, one of Irvin's many many talents as a recording artist. As her journey circled back to her roots and her childhood love for Pro Wrestling, Irvin would find herself in Orlando for her very own tryout.

Before she knew it, her drive to bet on herself and go after all of her dreams was reignited with a renewed fervor. A forward momentum that she didn't realize then would lead her back to her love of all things Pro Wrestling. Samantha Irvin's WWE debut has been a 20 year journey in the making. A pursuit of making the most of life and feeling grateful for the process that leads you closer to one's own wildest dreams. As a mother, Samantha Irvin aims to show other dreamers, mothers, her own daughter, and most importantly herself, what's possible when you decide that impossible really stands for 'I'm possible' when it comes to your dreams. Join me in welcoming Samantha Irvin to WWE as she lends her impeccable voice to 205 Live and NXT…

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