TAELER: Should Cesaro Have Left WWE?

WWE Superstar Cesaro recently found himself trending on social media. Online conversations erupted as news broke that Cesaro penned a new deal with the WWE. This deal was reportedly signed a couple weeks ago but was still rumor until this week. Reports trickled down throughout news outlets about Cesaro and his WWE contract expiring soon after Wrestlemania. As per usual, entirely indicative of the ways of the internet, fans are split, not agreeing and had zero qualms about sharing their disdain…

Amidst Cesaro trending at the same as John Cena, X-Men, and Smackdown, the fans in the WWE Universe were elated. In full support of his resigning. On the other side, others were found spewing hate and contempt across Twitter Timelines. Leading up to the first WWE PPV of the year, The Royal Rumble, Cesaro was listed in my top 10 WWE Superstars that fans voted for. I continuously saw Cesaro's name coming up with Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Edge, Daniel Bryan, The Fiend, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Jey Uso, and Shinsuke Nakamura. He was amongst fans' final four spot predictions for the Men's Royal Rumble.

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I first met Cesaro when he was in the Tag team " The Kings of Wrestling" with Chris Hero and sometimes Sara Del Rey. I was in awe of his wrestling talent and his understanding of the sport. A clear calibre of excellence radiated from years of honing his craft. To me it was the same unique passion I saw on shows with AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Daniel Bryan at that time. A whole new level that my being very new at the time could barely grasp, hoped to learn from, and one day earn the opportunity to achieve.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it's my opinion that Cesaro resigning with WWE was his choice. A conscious decision brought on by deep thought and appreciation for his career. As well as deep rooted confidence in what's still capable of achieving with WWE. Cesaro is by no means unsuccessful within the WWE brands thus far. A former seven time Tag Team Champion. A former United States Champion. And the first ever recipient of the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy at Wrestlemania thirty. Most recently a heavily favored WWE Superstar for the Royal Rumble.

The WWE Universe is still holding out hope for a major title run for Cesaro. A hope that with this news has new life being pumped into it. Potentially pitting Cesaro against Roman Reigns with Cesaro as the babyface… With Edge not yet staking his claim, the field is wide open with opportunity. Many could vie for the chance to headline a title match at Wrestlemania. The weeks are now ticking by. Closer and closer and further still on the road to Wrestlemania! The time would be now to fully transition Cesaro and build him up further for Wrestlemania.

Whether you lay your hat on the right side of the fence or the left, I think there's some key points to be mindful of in the way you think of Cesaro resigning with the WWE. One: Spread Love Not Hate. Two: Happiness. Three: Dreams. Four: Alignment. Five: Longevity. Six: Fan Reality. Seven: Fantasy Booking…

I'll address these in my own continuous thought process as I go. Speaking from experience. Inside knowledge. And ofcourse serious thought. Regardless of the AEW, NJPW, and Independents debate currently flooding the timelines in regards to Cesaro, I think we should all just be happy that Cesaro seems happy. Check out his episodes on upupdowndown… Happy! He's having a blast. In a industry as tough as Pro Wrestling, let's support happiness in dreams. Its honestly rarer than you think, but doesn't have to be. The rate at which people enter the business loving Pro Wrestling is incomparable to the ever-growing amount that leave it hating it. You can still love other companies and other Superstars in them without throwing shade at Superstarswho choose to sign with or resign with WWE. Cesaro resigning where he's happy and/or well paid is a win. Especially in a pandemic. A world-wide landscape full of uncertainty.

You can be anti WWE without having to be anti WWE Superstars. WWE Superstars and Pro Wrestlers from all over pour everything they have into the pursuit of "the dream." If you are spewing hate onto Cesaro's name for his decision to resign with WWE, then were you really a fans of his at all? If you are then maybe change your mindset. Realize a win for him is a win for you too as his fan. And who knows, this could be the best part of his WWE career? You never know.

It takes solid dedication and steadfast faith in yourself to fully realize your dream. To be so in tune and aligned with your dream that you have prospered and possess a sense of happiness, longevity, and fulfillment. That's once in a lifetime quality whose intrinsic value is far and away above one in a million. Simply put, its not something to be squandered on what if's or fantasy booking. With that said what's good for one person isn't necessarily good for the next. A sunflower doesn't grow in the arctic for a reason. That's why its absolutely vital to define happiness and success for yourself. You'll never please everyone. This very topic is proof of that. Its already an uphill battle without everyone rolling boulders down at you along the way.

It's not easy maintaining a modicum of success in the public eye while honing the innate ability to adapt and evolve in an ever changing world. Pro Wrestling included. It's not exempt from judgment, hardships, or toxicity. Its completely unorthodox. Cesaro resigning ensured he has his dream job, where he looks happy, amongst friends, a large paycheck, a potential title run, and with his WWE tenure he's all but guaranteed a Performance Center job when he's done in ring.

Continue to fantasy book all you want, just don't necessarily confuse them with facts. You can still support Cesaro as he is currently killing it on Smackdown right now. He's one of the many to prove that circumstances don't define you, you define the circumstances. In the grand scheme of things it appears that Cesaro resigning was what he felt was best for him and his loved ones. His potential is undeniable. If not, you wouldn't have become a fan of his to begin with. So spread love not hate. Everything in 2021 is aligning for Cesaro. Only time will tell where it leads. Until then, congratulations Cesaro! Here's to a successful new chapter…

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