TAELER: STARDOM To Be Featured During Wrestle Kingdom 16 Event

Currently making headlines with several Pro Wrestling news outlets is Stardom and NJPW! It has been reported that the second night of of the highly anticipated event, Wrestle Kingdom 16, will highlight a feature match with fellow wrestlers from the esteemed joshi company World Wonder Ring STARDOM. While still new, this working partnership is a huge step for women's wrestling under the NJPW banner. Both companies bring with them a lengthy history or tradition, dedication, respect, and passion to the world of Professional Wrestling dating back decades...

As reported in a recent update, STARDOM gave a sneak peek at what to expect when they revealed that four mainstay STARDOM stars will compete in a highlighted feature tag team bout on Wrestle Kingdom 16. Among the details was the announcement that returning to make her reported third event appearance will be none other than STARDOM's own ten year STARDOM veteran Mayu Iwatani who will be teaming up with the masked luchadora herself, the High Speed Champion Starlight Kid to take on the ever formidable team of STARDOM multi-champion Tam Nakano and former Goddess of STARDOM Champion Saya Kamitani!

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For those that may not know, I've been an avid and enthusiastic fan of both NJPW and STARDOM. Having been on cards with superstars from both companies, I can say without hesitation that I hold them unequivocally in very high esteem. I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing locker rooms with talents from NJPW who are on an entirely different level of respect, professionalism, and immeasurable talent. And in my honest opinion, STARDOM has played an integral role in putting even more respect on women's wrestling around the globe as talents like myself have flocked to their application processes for the chance to train, travel, and perform under the joshi banner built upon those aforementioned ideals of hard work, dedication, passion, honing the craft, paying homage to tradition, and of course respect and professionalism.

While NJPW isn't necessarily known for women's wrestling, I think the Wrestle Kingdom event hosting feature matches on arguably the biggest NJPW event of the year shows intent, foresight, forward progression, and immense respect. Respect for NJPW. Respect for STARDOM. Respect for their fans. And immense respect for the pioneers who paved the way for this to happen. As I mentioned in a previous piece for Fightful Magazine, while we may not be the first, just generations past in this industry, it is our duty to ensure that we are not the last. More successes leads to more opportunities. More opportunities that lead to successes means more room for dreamers to achieve their wildest dreams. And this indicative of this paradigm shift.

As the world aims to move forward in what we all hope is a post pandemic era, I sincerely congratulate NJPW and STARDOM for continuing to highlight women for Wrestle Kingdom. Cheers to the talent preparing to make Wrestle Kingdom history! Cheers to what I hope will be a huge record-breaking event! And cheers, may it be a huge success with new heights reached, legacies cemented, new champions crowned, and careers made! I will definitely be looking forward to witnessing all the magic that Wrestle Kingdom 16 will create in its first ever three night show.

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