TAELER: Tay Conti Challenges For The NWA Women's Championship

A lot of crazy events have already come to pass within the first week of 2021. As all the televised wrestling promotions and wrestlers alike kick off the new year, all project their sights and goals for the new year. One thing is certain - change. Change being the only constant in science. 2021 brings a new year full of new opportunities. New heights to reach. New accolades to add to the resume. New records to break. New champions to crown. New go as ls to realize. New challenges to overcome. 2021 comes fast on the heels of 2020's pandemic stricken vibe. As the industry plunges head first into the new year it does so with valuable experience gained and the Superstars with a new sense of appreciation for every opportunity to set foot in the ring and prove their worth. AEW's resident Judo expert and all around beautiful Brazilian badass Tay Conti is no exception.

Tay Conti herself took to Twitter announcing that 2021 couldn't be off to a better start for her as she embarks on the journey of winning her first ever championship title and on T.V. no less! Indeed a huge feat for a fierce competitor. Her championship bout comes at AEW's New Year's SMASH night 2 event. Tay Conti will go one on one challenging the current reigning NWA World Women's Champion Serena Deeb. This opportunity will be Tay Conti's first ever title shot on T.V., and she is more than ready. Tay Conti enters 2021 fresh off of a five match winning streak punctuated by an emotional win with her bff Anna Jay on December 30th, in honor of Brodie Lee.

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What Conti lacks in Pro Wrestling experience she more than makes up for with fourteen years of Judo expertise. Serena Deeb herself possesses over fifteen years of Pro Wrestling experience wrestling for almost every major promotion on top of being an accomplished yoga instructor. This match will inevitably come down to adaptability, tenacity, grit, hunger, and passion. Will Conti's Judo expertise prove too much for Deeb's flexibility and ingenuity? Or will in ring experience rule and the veteran's knowledge overtake the challenger? Either scenario provides merit. Is Deeb hungry enough to fend off Tay Conti and continue her reign as Champion? Or will Tay Conti's mission to prove herself and cement herself at the top be too much for Deeb?

Heading into this match both ladies possess an almost balanced tale of the tape with their strengths. A strategy I would diligently employ if I were in the proverbial shoes of the NWA Women's Champion is keeping Tay Conti running on the defense and keeping sufficient space between her and I. A series of flurries to Conti without remaining in close proximity. This tactic would require light feet and quick movements. Get in and get out. Dodge and hit. Weave. Hit. Dodge. Repeat. Change it up. Repeat. Keep Tay Conti off balance without letting her get to the mat or take me down to the mat where her strengths would inevitably take over.

If I were the challenger Tay Conti, I'd have one of two strategies. Immediately go on the offensive. Not giving the Champion time to maneuver or gain space. Get the win fast a d hard. Or, I would be doing everything in my own arsenal to lure the NWA Women's Champion into a false sense of security. What does that look like? Its by potentially taking a little bit of damage to oneself to ultimately gain the advantage over the opponent. Let them get a few shots in. Let them be confident. Wait for that weakness to show. Waiting patiently for that 'in.' That moment where opportunity presents itself. The advantage being to surprise and overtake to Champion and making her submit. Deeb has wrestled all over the world and trained with highly sought after coaches. Allbeit, she's never gone toe to toe with a competitor the likes of Tay Conti who is just a fierce on her feet as she is flying through the air or even on the mat.

With Judo principles consisting of grappling, throws, falls, rolls, joint locks, and more, any close proximity to Conti in the ring is a risk to Deeb's NWA Championship Title. If successful, Tay Conti will win her first ever Championship Title to kick off 2021. Thus prominently embarking on the journey of being the new NWA World Women's Champion in her first reign. A title sought after by Thunder Rosa, Sienna, Priscilla Kelly, Kamille Brickhouse, Jazz, and others. Tay Conti was an awesome get by AEW and would be a tremendous fighting Champion which is indicative of the spirit behind the founding of the original NWA. Serena Deeb versus Tay Conti - AEW's New Year's SMASH Night 2…

Stay tuned in to AEW Dynamite every Wednesday on TnT Drama at 8/7c. The NWA World Women's Championship match is scheduled for AEW's New Year's SMASH Night 2 event and is joined by Chuck Taylor going one on one in a singles match against Miro. The TnT Championship match as Champion Darby Allin takes on the challenger Brian Cage. PAC squares off with Eddie Kingston, The Inner Circle's New Year's Resolution and more set for Night 2!

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