Taeler: Taya Valkyrie Makes An IMPACT Wherever She Goes

Taya Valkyrie makes an IMPACT wherever she goes. In 2020, amidst a pandemic such as Covid 19 no less, Taya's value has risen as a Superstar. You may find that to be a nonsensical thing to say since this article is fast on the heels of Taya Valkyrie's loss to Kylie Rae at Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary PPV just over one week ago. However, there in lies my point. Pun intended, there is always a victory to had on your way to Valhalla. So let's break it down and see just why Taya Valkyrie is a Superstar on the rise even when it's her turn down.

As discussed on my podcast Talks with Taeler Hendrix with Sean Ross Sapp, Taya Valkyrie was the perfect opponent for Kylie Rae to win against in that Knockout Gauntlet match. Clever booking by Impact Wrestling in my opinion. For quite a while, Taya was the standard for the Knockouts Division. She came in and she took over. She carried and helped rebrand and rebuild the division for newer talent along with the rest of the roster. After being on top for so long, it makes sense that now Taya will need to fall to in order to be built back up. Kylie Rae beating Taya Valkyrie for the Number 1 Contender position served with dual purpose - rise up for Kylie and a bring down for Taya. 

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As a Superstar, the only thing worse than not being used is being used on a way that becomes stale. With Taya losing to Kylie, this made Kylie gain a win on at one point the most dominant knockout that had quite an impressive winning streak as Champion and amazing toe-to-toe matches with women like Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champions Sienna and Jordynne Grace. This adds extra credibility instantly to Kylie Rae and provides the perfect story-line development simultaneously for Taya Valkyrie without her going stale. With such a diverse and growing division, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

What some may have missed over the last year and a half is the versatility of Taya Valkyrie herself and the ingenuity she brings to whatever is presented to her. We've seen her as almost demi goddess-like with her beginning run in Impact to over time her comedy skills as well as in ring versatility and branding such as her clothing line. This is a Superstar worthy of T.V time and opportunity. Someone who can carry a title match or be in a comedy bit. Story telling, high flying capabilities, lucha libre expertise. She can do it all. From a business perspective, having a dedicated star that can do whatever you need is a good investment.

Fans have seen Taya perform all over the world. From AAA to Lucha Underground to Impact Wrestling and everywhere in between. It's no accident that in her 10 plus year career that Tata Valkyrie has recorded several records that out her in the proverbial history books of Pro Wrestling. Taya Valkyrie not only successfully defended but also held the Reina de Reinas Championship Title for a record breaking 945 days. Later on, Taya would find herself becoming a 3x Reina de Reinas Champion. Fast forward to her run as Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion, its said Taya Valkyrie exceeded Tarryn Terrell's long run as Knockouts Champion. Taya successfully held and defended that title for 377 days until she lost to Jordynne Grace. Taya's long reign with the Knockouts Title helped rebuild the pride and hardwork that went into that title's very existence with women who fought for it like Gail Kim, Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Tara, and so many more. Add the sprinkles on top that for Taya being a part of the first womens Main Event challenging for the World Championship...

If I was Impact Wrestling I'd already be working on and executing my gameplan to rebuild the new rise of Taya Valkyrie while simultaneously doing business for other knockouts to make more memorable moments for fans before Taya's contract expires. With her feuds with Lady Shani, Faby Apache, and Hamada in AAA. Her matches with Tessa Blanchard, Havok, Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, and Tenille Dashwood speak for themselves. It is with experience that I say, if I was WWE, Taya Valkyrie would be on my list to sign. Numbers don't lie. Taya Valkyrie makes an impact wherever she goes and that takes true talent, gumption, and dedication. When it comes right down to it, Taya Valkyrie delivers. AAA - Lucha Underground - The Independents - Impact Wrestling. She has consistently risen to challenges and thoroughly exceeded peoples expectations. She continues to create and innovate taking advantage of every opportunity with enthusiasm as a high performing Superstar. 

I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it, over and over again with complete earnestness and annoying redundancy; success is not a pie. More success for others doesn't mean less success for you. Success creates more opportunities not less. Taya Valkyrie's body of work has helped create opportunities for herself and others to amass such accomplishments that some only dream of. If Taya had failed, Kylie Rae wouldn't be in such a great position after her win against Taya Valkyrie at Slammiversary. Now it'll be Kylie's time to rise to the challenge and again raise the bar even higher. What will Taya accomplish next? Admittedly, I don't know much about how the road to Valhalla is paved. However, I do think it has irrevocably been changed by Taya Valkyrie. What 2021 has in store, whether it be brick by brick, match by match, or championship gold belts, the twists and turns on road to Valhalla and the new rise of Taya Valkyrie will definitely be a must watch. Only time will tell…

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