Taeler: Watch Out For Bianca Belair On RAW

As I immerse myself back into the world of Pro Wrestling, I can't help but to feel excitement as a fan, but also filled with equally with questions that I wait for answers to with enthusiasm as a Professional in the industry. What do I mean? Let's dive deep! As NXT, (the developmental system for the WWE) has garnered TV time and notoriety so too has its stars. This has given WWE fans world-wide a chance to fall in love with up and coming Superstars. In a way making the fans a part of the star's journey. A privilege that was at one point only for fans close enough to Full Sail University. With more success comes more opportunities. Success isn't a pie. What does that mean exactly? Easy. If you cut into a pie and hand out pieces, at some point there'll be no more pieces of that pie. Make sense? On the flip side is success. How so? Very simple, it took about 35 years for women to main event Wrestle Mania. If they tanked that opportunity, do you think women would be the main event on any brand anytime soon after that? The only answer is no. Therefore success in all its glory creates more opportunities not less. Moving on...

Many NXT Stars show true promise for varying reasons and now is the time for some of them to rise to opportunity 's challenge. And succeed. With NXT going against AEW on Wednesday nights and other pro sports putting Covid 19 protocols in place to resume sports, The WWE has some competition again for viewership analytics as well as PG sponsorships. Right now across the Pro Wrestling Industry you're going to see Io Shirai Vs. Sasha Banks at The Great American Bash. Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks at Extreme Rules. Deonna Purrazzo Vs. Jordyne Grace at Slammiversary. An entire Knockouts Roster Number 1 Contender Match at Slammiversary. Hikaru Shida Vs. Penelope Ford...So so much to look forward to! So much to list and say. Ten years ago, this would be only a dream in the eyes of women and fans alike. But now? Now, here in 2020, this is our reality! So what should we do with that?

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As a little girl growing up with very little, most of what I did have came from Thrift Stores or self made, I had big dreams. Big ideas. I knew my path would never be conventional. I knew I had to work harder than others because of that, but I realized early on that that made me appreciate things on a deeper level. When I watch Wrestling after years of loving it and pursuing it, I find myself looking for similar attributes in other stars. As children we all deserve adults we can look up to. We all should aim to become the adults we needed as children. It's in a sense to pay homage to the dreamers that we were as kids who made way for the adults we all had to become when we grow up. What does this have to do with anything? Quite honestly, and in complete earnestness, it has everything to with - Bianca Belair.

With all the opportunities today for women to wrestle on T.V, I keep circling back to Bianca Belair. Where is Belair? As another Monday Night Raw goes by, I'm joined by many in wondering where is Bianca Belair. As a fan, she's a joy to watch, reviving my love for Pro Wrestling. As a Pro, I'm waiting for her to explode in Superstardom with everything I see in her. Why? Because her successes will open even more doors which adds even more sentiment to my cheers. Remember, success isn't a pie. It's my hope that her absence is to create the right storyline filled with fresh vignettes to build off of to highlight her as a fierce contender on the Raw Roster.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of watching many women come and go from the business. Some from the Independents and others from various backgrounds like Belair. I've seen many things and experienced even more. Bianca Belair, she always stuck out to me at NXT. Belair stood out because of who she was and simultaneously was not. And that, to me at least, is very valuable in a Social Media World. Bianca is unapologetically herself. Being free with one's authenticity is a vulnerability that is cultivated from strength. A vulnerability that also takes guts and gumption. Lots of it! Those qualities make up a Superstar that a parent wouldn't mind their child looking up to. Every kid deserves to have a role model to look up to outside their home. Someone that makes them feel as if they can do it too, and as an industry that's geared towards children, shouldn't that be the goal?

Imagine a Superstar who is educated. Imagine a Superstar who is a healthy athlete. (Meaning does things the right way because it's the right thing to do.) Imagine a naturally charismatic and athletic Superstar. One who not only walks to the walk, talks to the talk, looks the look, but also has the ability to create that look with their own hands. Imagine a Superstar who pushes good values and practices them as well. Put all these qualities together and you have Bianca Belair. Don't believe me? Watch her interview with Fox Sports' Christina Wilder, you can feel Bianca's authenticity. It's easy to allow an industry to change you. It's easy to allow a Social Media World to dictate your self worth and value. To stand face to face with that every day and still be yourself and to still be bettering yourself while honing your craft every day is spectacular!

Bianca Belair has been missing not long since her Raw debut. 2020 should be Bianca's time. She's earned it and she personifies what you'd want out of a Superstar representing your company. Talent, gumption, charisma, confidence, creativity, respect. That's all Bianca Belair! Fans deserve more Bianca Belair and Bianca deserves a good spot. When I was a young girl watching the WWE, I'd of immediately gravitated towards a Bianca Belair. She has the ability to make young people be proud of who they are, how they look, what they love, where they come from, and what they can achieve with hard work. If the fans collective voice wasn't enough, even Stephanie McMahon has nothing but praise for Belair both in and out of the ring. Mark Henry definitely found a gem when he happened upon a video of Bianca Belair.

There isn't much that Belair can't do. If you follow her on social media, you'll see a creatively savvy and quite humorous individual with talent waiting to be fully showcased and ready to go! Track and Field. Gymnastics. Crossfit. Acting. Costume design/sewing. Positive Activism. Entertaining YouTube Channel. Family oriented content. That. We need more of that for young people to see, to help them grow to their fullest potential in a society that wants them to fit in instead of standing out. A company like WWE can give you a gimmick, write your promos, do your makeup, script your matches, dye your hair. But at the end of every opportunity, none of that will matter if the person behind all of that can't deliver. If their words on the mic aren't believable. If their in ting talent isn't up to par. There's only so much that can be done to make someone a Superstar before it comes down to raw talent. Bianca Belair is that talented!

More Bianca Belair means more talent to showcase on T.V.. More variety for fans to enjoy. Bianca Belair has the personality, athleticism, following, look, and talent to be featured prominently on Raw. That's a win win in every possible way. But it has to make sense and be done the right way. Belair is another much needed breath of fresh air into the lungs of The WWE. The WWE has in its hands, quite a few performers who will become the future of their company and subsequently the company's success as it navigates the new societal norms. Belair is one of them. Bianca Belair is Monday Night RAW talent. She embodies what it means to be the EST. of WWE. - TH

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