TAELER: Wives of Wrestling Podcast Promises A Unique Glimpse Into The Other Side Of The Pro Wrestling Industry

Making rumors and headlines across social media is the announcement of a new Pro Wrestling based podcast called, Wives of Wrestling hosted by Kim Orton and Giovanna Angle, the wives of Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. Joining them with podcast heat is none other than Emmy award-winning host, Jon Alba! The ladies respectively will be discussing to great detail their sides of the story with being Pro Wrestling Wives. To be honest I can't believe that this hasn't already been done with this goal in mind? Crazy! And yet, I'm here and I'm all for it!

There's so much in this industry that goes many ways. Unnoticed. Underappreciated. Buried for the sake of the status quo. The undervalued. The list goes on with each more nefarious than the next. As you can gather from basic information, being a wrestling wife is not the same as other wives in other industries. Not to quote The Wizard of Oz but it's a horse of a different color… Being on the road. The injuries. The women. The long hours. The grueling schedule. The rumor mill. The car loops. The hotels. The lack of sleep. One day home six on the road. Live on TV. Live on PPV. Lack of quality time. Full responsibility. Living under a microscope. The fourth wall? What's real? what's not?

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With so many looming questions that go on in the daily personal and professional lives in Pro Wrestling, I highly recommend checking out the Wives of Wrestling podcast. I truly think Kim Orton and Giovanna Angle are going to give you a much needed dose of reality and some food for thought from perspectives that you may never have even considered before from the women who know. They know because they lived it. They still live it. It's their lives too. Their stories. From their perspectives as the committed wives of wrestling. It's not easy being a star in wrestling, but do we ever ask how hard it is to be the significant other of a star in wrestling especially when you are not also a star in wrestling? Hardly ever!

I'm glad to see some much deserved and hard-earned respect being put on this topic. A huge congratulations to Kim Orton, Giovanna Angle, Jon Alba for taking on such a project. I do hope that they do a crossover with Vicki Guerrero in the near future. Vickie Guerrero of whom I know has a lot of perspective and insight on this that she shared on my own podcast. Congratulations ladies! Be on the lookout for the Wives of Wrestling podcast making its debut on February 7th! They promise a thorough glimpse into the other side of the Pro Wrestling Industry! Don't miss it.

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