Taya, Johnny Mundo, AAA At Odds Over Weird Championship Situation

It would seem as if the Taya Valkyrie - AAA relationship reached a messy conclusion.

Sexy Star won the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship at this weekend's AAA TV taping in Monterrey, Mexico. Taya had been stripped of the championship because she used a choke hold in an April match with Ayako Hamada. The match, however, was a No DQ match.

According to Wrestling Observer, AAA asked Taya's boyfriend Johnny Mundo to bring the title belt with him a few weeks ago for photos. When he did, the company announced that the championship was vacant. Vampiro would later tell the crowd that Taya no-showed the TV tapings, even though she wasn't scheduled to be there. Mundo still has several title belts belonging to the company, but it's unknown if he'll return.

Taya tweeted about the mess of a situation.

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