Taya Recalls Running Into The Undertaker At An Event

Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter recently spoke to Taya for an interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

Her Shot Show Experience:
"It was interesting. I've never been to anything like that before. I've been to many conventions but never anything of that theme. We were at the great looking Pursuit Chanel booth. Obviously, we didn't get a chance to look around a lot because we were there to do the work! (laughs) It was definitely an interesting and different convention by far. (laughs)"

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On running into The Undertaker:
"That was just by chance. We were just standing there, doing signings and stuff and all of a sudden, he was there. "Oh! Wrestlers!" He came over, shook our hands, was very nice, and went on his way. I'm sure he's a hunter and is into all that kind of stuff. I was having a mark out moment for myself. (laughs) But, he was very nice and polite and it is always nice when you meet someone you look up to and they're nice to you too."


On her current run in Impact Wrestling:
"Oh, it has been so great. I'm so happy with how it has been coming to fruition. Coming back being myself... The Wera Loca character is something I've been doing for many years and I really feel it is a representation of me more than anything. It was important for me to come back to Impact different because it just had been too long. I've been loving this feud I've been having with Tessa Blanchard and now as Knockouts Champion, how could you ask for anything more coming into 2019?"

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