Tenille Dashwood Comments On The "Boom" Of Independent Wrestling, And Speaks On Possibly Becoming Women Of Honor Champion

The competitor formerly known as Emma is looking to earn her spot in Ring Of Honor history.

Since her release from the WWE in October of 2017, Tenille Dashwood has made a big splash onto the wrestling scene outside of the sports-entertainment company. One of the splashes that she's made came in the form of partaking in the 'Women Of Honor Championship tournament' which will culminate with two competitors meeting in the squared circle at ROH Supercard Of Honor XII to crown a first-ever champion. Dashwood's next opponent that she has to get through before the finals is experienced Japanese wrestling veteran Sumie Sakai.

While speaking with Hollywood Life, Dashwood shared what it would mean for her to become the first-ever Women Of Honor Champion.

"It’s really important to me." She said. "This tournament and having a platform with Ring Of Honor to elevate women’s wrestling and showcase the talents and actually having not obtained a women’s championship previously in WWE or NXT … So for me, this would be my time to be in control. I am me and I am able to get out there and meet my fans and wrestle and do what I love again. So winning that Women’s Championship would be the last thing to tie it all up.

Ring Of Honor and wrestling in general outside of the WWE has been "booming" so to speak. Tenille provided her reason as to why wrestling outside of the WWE has picked up more steam now than it has in the past.

"Yeah wrestling is popular, it is popular again and that is really cool. Promotions that I have worked for – one thing I have found is that they go with the trends and the quality of the shows and the talent are improving. Everyone is determined to connect with the crowds and that is obviously something that gets people coming back, to keep watching and making it more popular. I think that is cool because at a lot of places I have worked, the women have main events, so its special for me to be part of that," she shared.

Although a star in her own right, Dashwood still has that fan feeling when she sees some of her favorites make their way to the ring. She revealed what wrestlers always get her excited whenever she knows or is surprised by seeing them come back into a wrestling ring.

"I have loved wrestling since I was a little kid so for me as far as wrestling goes, Trish Stratus was a huge idol for me growing up. She is such a nice and cool, down-to-earth person, so getting to see her is great. The same thing goes for Stone Cold Steve Austin. He is one person that made me fall in love with wrestling and the entertainment business. So anytime I get to see him is goosebumps or heart pounding in my chest. I am always like, ‘What do I do and what do I say?’."

Tenille Dashwood is still making it all about her in her post-WWE run. To read more of what she had to say in the interview, click here.

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