WWE 2K Battlegrounds is set to release on Friday, September 18, but reviewers were able to get an early copy of the game.

Twitch streamers newLEGACYinc played a handful of games this week and discovered an image that has a striking resemblance to former IMPACT Champion Tessa Blanchard.

Blanchard is currently a free agent after she departed from IMPACT Wrestling in June. It is unknown where she will end up next or if she has an offer from any company. She has remained at home during the pandemic era, choosing not to wrestling for IMPACT as they held empty arena shows heading into Slammiversary.

The photographer who took the original photo of Tessa acknowledged the issue on social media.

You can find more information about WWE 2K Battlegrounds by clicking here.

Fightful will be live streaming WWE 2K Battlegrounds gameplay on Saturday night. Check out the Fightful YouTube channel for when the show goes live.

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