Thunder Rosa/Kobra Moon Says WOW Lets Her Show Things Lucha Underground Wouldn't

Thunder Rosa/Kobra Moon was recently interviewed by IWR of Wrestling Epicenter. You can see the full interview at this link, and highlights below:

On her take on WOW:
"I've gotten some really good reviews on my matches. I've only had 2 matches (in WOW) and I was able to show something that I was not able to show in Lucha Underground and that is the wrestling part. I really do enjoy it."

On the women's revolution and women main eventing WrestleMania:
"There's still work to do. There's a lot more spaces for us. There's a lot more women's promotions and inter-gender promotions popping up here and there. The platforms are different. It is not just WWE. It is WWE, TNA - I mean Impact, AEW, ROH, Women of Wrestling, all the indies... What else? There are still companies that don't have women's matches. But, I think they're getting to the point where they will start having women's matches. There is still work to do. In the main indie shows, there is only space for 1 or 2 women's matches. That's it! It is very competitive. And now, we have a lot more wrestles coming up. It is getting really competitive. But, I think that is good. It gets you out of your comfort zone!"

On interest in AEW:
"I know a lot of people that are in AEW now that worked with me. I would like to be part of that up and coming talent and be like, "Oh yeah, I was one of the first ones that got signed." When you're grinding so hard and working so hard, that should be your end goal, you know? I would like to have a bigger opportunity than the opportunities I've already had. WHen I started wrestling, there was a sense of urgency. I knew that I, probably, wasn't going to be wrestling for 20 years. So, I want to be the most successful that I can be in that amount of time. Like I tell my husband, I want to be the most successful Mexican born female wrestlers in the United States."