Timothy Thatcher Defeats Matt Riddle In Fight Pit On NXT

Timothy Thatcher sought out revenge for his loss against Matt Riddle and he got it.

In the main event of NXT, Thatcher defeated Riddle in a Fight Pit, a unique cage that was designed for the show. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was also in the match serving as the special guest referee.

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Below are highlights and the match report from Fightful's live coverage of the show.

Special Guest Referee Fight Pit Match

Matt Riddle vs Timothy Thatcher W/Special Guest Referee Kurt Angle

Matt takes Tim down to the mat before he takes his back and Tim reverses into Matt's guard before they get to their feet and Tim locks in a rear naked choke before Matt back flips off of the cage and suplexes Tim before hitting a running senton and a Showtime kick ala UFC's Anthony Pettis. Kurt then checks on Tim who has lost teeth before he's checked on by the ringside physician as we go to commercial.

We come back to the action in the cage to Riddle in control of Tim against the cage before they exchange strikes and Matt dodges a showtime punch before Tim suplexes him and locks in a standing heel hook before kneeing him in the ribs and kicking him in the face before stomping him against the cage. Tim hits a float over butterfly suplex before taking Matt's back and they try to take each other's backs before Matt goes for a twister and Tim focuses on the bare feet of Riddle to get free before Tim goes for a triangle armbar and Matt hits a one armed powerbomb, Tim grabbing the top of the cage to avoid being slammed onto the mat. They end up on top of the pit and exchange strikes until Tim locks in an ankle lock as Matt dangles off of the side of the platform. Matt misses a running senton onto the platform before Tim suplexes him and tries to choke Matt out on his feet before Matt comes back with a roundhouse kick and Tim falls off of the platform and down onto the mat. Matt then hits a flipping senton off of the platform and onto Tim back in the ring before kicking Tim against the cage and chopping him before Tim sends him face first into the cage and Tim chokes Matt unconscious for the referee stoppage.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher defeats Matt Riddle via referee stoppage.

You can check out full results of NXT at this link.

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