Tito Santana Does Not Watch The Current WWE Product Because He Feels That They Don't Tell Stories In The Ring Anymore

Tito Santana is not too fond of the current product.

Those who have been in the business, currently in it, or just tune into WWE have had and expressed their opinions on the current WWE product with there being both positive and negative reactions. One man who recently shared his opinion on the current product which was not so graceful came by way of the former King Of The Ring winner and WWE Hall Of Famer Tito Santana.

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Tito Santana was recently in Canada for an appearance where he signed autographs and took photos with fans and as a part of that experience he spoke with 'OrilliaMatters' and during the discussion Tito minced no words about how he feels regarding what WWE is currently presenting and why he does not watch it anymore.

“I’m not interested in watching today's product, it’s a different ball game than it used to be,” Santana said. “Once in a while when I’m channel surfing I’ll watch a few minutes of it, but I don’t feel impressed with what I see, so I’ll move on to something else. There’s no ring-psychology, they just do stuff for no rhyme or reason," he said. "We used to tell a story with our matches, they just don’t do that anymore.”

Although Santana is not big on the current WWE product, he is fond of the independent wrestling scene and feels that there are a few guys out there who have the tools to make a positive impact in WWE if they were to go there.

“There is a lot of talent on the independents. I enjoy watching those guys wrestle," he said. "Every night there is at least one or two guys on the independent circuit who have what it takes to go up to the WWE and make it better, but it’s hard for these guys to get discovered because there is really only one league.”


Speaking of making an impact, IMPACT Wrestling is presenting their 'Slammiversary XVI' PPV this upcoming Sunday. To view the matches for the event, click here.

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