Titus O'Neil Addresses George Floyd Death & Riots, Wants People To Be Willing To Be Uncomfortable

It was a tough weekend for the United States as the death of George Floyd -- a 46-year-old black man who died shortly after Derek Chauvin, a white officer in Minneapolis arrested him and pressed his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes -- sparked protests and riots across the country. 

Many wrestlers have spoken out on the subject on social media including Mustafa Ali, Randy Orton, Summer Rae, New Day, Batista, and more. 

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Titus O'Neil posted a lengthy Instagram post on Friday giving his thoughts, but further elaborated in an interview with ESPN

"The reality of it is ... it shouldn't be on the minorities to lead this discussion. When we talk about America being the greatest country in the world, we need to start by learning how to become the greatest people in the world," he said. "When you have stuff like this and many other issues that are systemic and institutional, it's very hard to have faith in the system because the losses are far greater than the victories. And in this case, we're hoping and praying and rooting for the justice system to serve. 'Just give us at least one.' Let's start with one victory here. But people from all races have the responsibility to help make this country better and to help eradicate. It's not all on my back."

O'Neil has been lauded by WWE and his peers for his community work in his hometown of Tampa and was selected by Michelle Obama as the official ambassador for “When We All Vote” and “Reach Higher.” 

And now, he wants us to come together in the face of the uncomfortable. 

"The uncomfortable conversations -- the way you feel uncomfortable -- some of y'all go to football games all the time. It's hot or cold as I don't know what. And you're still uncomfortable. But you'll sit through that football game. Because you're interested. You're invested. You bought that ticket. It don't matter how hot it is -- especially here in Tampa, you bought a ticket to go see Tom Brady perform -- you're gonna sit in that. It could be lightning and monsooning and you'll be right there.

"So all I'm asking is that in the midst of this, and prior history before this: Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be willing to ask and have questions and give answers. Don't brush aside people's hurt and anger and try to politicize it and say, 'If Colin Kaepernick was kneeling because of this reason, police brutality, you make it about the flag or you make it about the military and this and that.' No. This is why he kneeled. We raised fists because we wanted to be liberated from this type of behavior."

O'Neil continued, saying he doesn't have an answer for his sons when they ask him about being profiled or what's currently happening. He admits that he can't tell them "it's going to be okay" because the last time he said that, it wasn't okay. 

O'Neil has made multiple podcast/Instagram live appearances over the weekend discussing the current climate in America. You can find more information by clicking here.

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