Titus O'Neil Explains His Charitable Motivations

Titus O'Neil was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, where he spoke about his charity work. You can see a series of submitted highlights below. 

Motivation to be charitable:

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"I feel like anything that I start I am going to be successful at it because there was a time when I was younger that I was told that I'd never graduate from high school, I'll be dead or in jail by the time I'm 16, I'll never go to college because I was too dumb, too uncoordinated in sports and once I started at a very young age of accomplishing the things that people told me I'd never do (like) now you can't tell me what can't be done. I've been homeless, I'm a product of a rape, my Mom had me at a young age, and we’ve lived in government housing, gone without many days and I stand here today as a proud college graduate, an Ambassador for my University and for numerous organizations and charities, I’m a proud father of two sons and I'm doing it because I said I was going to do it. The things that I have control over and I say that I am going to do...I do them."

WWE's platform:

"I am very fortunate to have a lot of great people and a lot of great affiliations with people that have significant platforms and reach and I value the relationships with them and they value the relationships with me and that is why I can continue to do what I do on a consistent basis because I am not concerned whether a person is black, white, Hispanic or gay or straight or religious or not religious that doesn't motivate me. What motivates me is that there were some people that invested in me at a very young age that had nothing to gain in return and now everyday when I get up I just return and give them a return on their investment by saving and helping as many kids and families and people as I possibly can through various channels whether it is social media or through philanthropy efforts and fundraising or awareness. I know why I am here and I know why I am in the position that I am in and it is not because I am the best wrestler (I'm not a wrestler) I'll be the first one to say it, John Cena would be the first one to say he's not a wrestler, he's a performer and most people that get an idea that this is a scripted product, they could make a water bottle the WWE World Heavyweight Champion if they chose to so I'm a champion regardless of I have a title behind my name or not and I've been that way for a very long time not just with WWE but with my mindset. WWE is what I do for a living it is not who I am for a living and I tell everybody that I come in contact with to not be defined by your job, don't be defined by your profession, don't be defined by where you went to school (you know) you will define yourself with what you have been given."

You can see the full episode of Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast at this link. Thank you to Chad and John for the transcript.

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