Titus O'Neil Says Nobody Would Train With Him But Darren Young At One Point

The Prime Time Players had a long WWE run, which seems to have reached its end for good after Darren Young was released by WWE.

Titus O'Neil not only remembers this time fondly, but in an interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, said that Darren Young used to be the only wrestler that would work with him while he was learning the ropes. He also doesn't seem to think their on-screen split went the way that it should have. 

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“I say this every chance that I get about Darren Young (we benefited from each other) but Darren Young is the guy that would get in the ring with me when nobody else would. He would help me and he would stay after class in FCW, he would do matches with me and he is legitimately one of my best friends and I am forever grateful to him for not only embracing doing something different because he is a wrestler at heart and I was constantly talking to him about being an entertainer and you've got to have character. That is what sells. You can be the greatest wrestler and put on a five star match but if you can't entertain people and people aren't invested in you you are not going to go very far. All we did was take elements from football (the swing from side to side) that is a football thing and everything we did the number one thing at the forefront of it was lets be the most entertaining tag team that we could possibly be."


"In our opinion we were unceremoniously separated to start with and we felt like we had a lot left to offer and we got separated and hadn't won the titles and hadn't done anything with much significance so the second time around to win the titles and winning it in front of guys that I consider friends like Urban Meyer and his coaching staff at Ohio State made it even more special."

The likely highlight of the run of the Prime Time Players was having a championship run just ahead of what would be New Day's record setting title reign. Had the PTP not won the titles, New Day would have likely shattered Demolition's record instead of barely passing it. 

You can see the full episode of Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast at this link. Thank you to Chad and John for the transcript.

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