TK O'Ryan Buries Las Vegas Medical Treatment Of Shattered Leg Last Year

TK O'Ryan was interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio recently. You can see highlights below and the full interview at this link.

On the medical treatment in Las Vegas being a nightmare after his injury:
"I'm going to stop you right there. The medical treatment in Vegas would have to improve a lot to suck. When I say it was bad, I fear that you will not respect how bad it actually was. (laughs) It was a nightmare, man. It was a living nightmare! The long form story of the Kingdom in Vegas getting through that hospital is completely insane. The short form is it took the ambulance over an hour to get there. I was laying on the cold Sam's Town Casino floor for an hour waiting for an ambulance to get there. When it did get there, we took the ride. The ambulance ride itself that was on my hospital bill was over $3,500 grand! An Uber ride... (laughs) to the hospital would have cost $30 and I would have gotten there faster! Once I got to the hospital, there was no sense of urgency. YOu would have thought I had a paper cut, man. Not for nothing but I fell from a height that you should be scanning for major head trauma. I mean, that's a pretty dangerous fall! There could be other injuries internally or otherwise. Basically, I ended up getting there and sitting in the waiting room in my underwear for 2 hours in the main lobby with random people walking in and out in the mud room, basically. When they finally did take me in, they did nothing to help my pain. They didn't even set my leg! It was probably 4 and a half hours before they set my leg! As soon as I finally saw the doctor that had to see me, I asked to sign my release. They wanted me to do surgery in the morning. I said I'd take my chances flying across the country with a broken leg and see some doctors in Boston!"

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On the recovery:
"I hate to discredit myself but it is just a broken leg! As nasty as it looked... Like, Matt's injury was a lot worse than mine. It's a bone! They glue it together, they sew you up, and the same day I was able to walk on it. It wasn't a good walk! It was a painful, slow, laborious walk down the hallway with somebody at my shoulder. I had a great support system helping me out. I really dod." ''m fine. I'm back! I'm better than ever!"


On getting back into the ring quickly after the injury:
"Maybe a little too soon. I felt like once I had the surgery and the rod was in there, it was ready to go! I felt like the more I pushed it, the quicker I'd be able to get back to full strength. For a while there, I was moving around with little strength or energy. It is funny because if you look at my body then and look at my body now, you can tell the physical effect it had on me as well. I really felt like getting in the ring and pushing would make it heal faster. It turns out, I guress I was right!"

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