TK O'Ryan Gives His Take On How 'The Kingdom' Have Been Able To Achieve Success As A Group

*Puts the conspiracy talk away for second*.

The Ring Of Honor faction 'The Kingdom' has had several members be a part of the group including the three that are keeping the engine running now. Former 3-time ROH World Champion Adam Cole was the founding member of 'The Kingdom' and he was joined by Matt Hardy and then came along current Monday Night RAW talent Mike Kanellis who was followed by the current leader of the group, Matt Taven.

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Matt Taven is now flanked by Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan and the trio have held the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championships on two separate occasions. The updated version of The Kingdom have been focused on trying to rid of the "Melvins" that are against their group and also attempting to get ahold of all of the gold in Ring Of Honor. TK O'Ryan recently explained what makes the current version of The Kingdom such an effective trio while speaking with 'Pro Wrestling Post' and explained in detail what each man's role in the group is.

"I think what has made it work as well as it has is that we are real-life friends." He said. "We aren’t working friends, we aren’t business partners. We were friends before tagging together. We were friends before we even knew that we were going to be The Kingdom, so the chemistry is tough to match. We aren’t a supergroup that was formed from a bunch of independent wrestling stars that was thrown together. We are a bunch of real friends that had to figure out how to be Ring of Honor Champions together. The chemistry we’ve created I feel is second to none. I also feel that a big advantage we have is that you can take any combination of the three of us--whether it is Vinny and Matt, Matt and I or Vinny and I and all of us can be an effective regular tag team, as well as being an effective six-man, as well as having effective solo matches. I think our versatility has really helped us create something unique. 

As far as the personality bits that are in there, Taven is very much the showman." O'Ryan added. "He is very much about the razzle-dazzle of pro wrestling, and Vinny is about the work and the attitude, and I really fall in love with the in-ring portion of the game. The three of us together, we build each other up with our strengths. We are good friends and we have had similar training, and are all on the same page with what we do. Then, when it comes down to The Kingdom being in Matt Taven’s image, it’s just exactly what he says it is. I and Matt are pretty similar. We’re both loud people, we both like to be centers of attention and we both like to command an audience. Vinny and Matt are the same way in their interests in movies and entertainment and style and all that stuff. It’s just a cool thing. Vinny and I get along because we both have the same temperament. We both are pretty relaxed guys and both like to be easy-going. It’s just, all of us mix very well together."


The Kingdom were knocked off their pedestals at the recent ROH TV tapings when they lost the Six-Man Tag Team Titles. To check out who they lost the straps to, click here.

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