TK O'Ryan Says ROH Changing Mat Color Is A Hot Topic In The Locker Room

TK O'Ryan was interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio recently. You can see highlights below and the full interview at this link.

The ROH ring changing to a white ring mat:
"(laughs) That's kind of a hot topic in the Ring of Honor locker room at the moment. The dark ring looks cool but it is a bit much on TV. Dark ring, dark ropes, dark curtain, dark mats. It gets a bit much. The lighter colored mat does add some cool contrast. So, it is pretty sweet. But, it does have the negative of like halfway through the show, you see the sweat staisn on there. I guess if I had to pick, I think I like the black mat. It sets Ring of Honor apart from the other televised wrestling companies. I'd take the black everything and the red turnbuckle pads!"

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On the walls coming down and wrestling companies working together:
"I think what is going on right now is nothing new. It is something old in a new way. You get a lot of guys that talk about the territorial days of wrestling. I think right now is as close as a modern version of that there is going to be. Obviously, I wasn't around for the territories. But, I have heard a lot of stories and seen a lot fo tape. We're getting back to a time where the wrestler is in charge. It is less of wrestlers needing to work for one of the big 3 companies and it is kind of getting back to where wrestlers can make a living by being professional wrestlers."

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