TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP - 11/10 - Eddie Edwards VS Eli Drake & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP! Tonight Eli Drake is bound for gold and is looking to become the new champion and defeat Eddie Edwards! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of tonight's action!

-Mike Bennett and Maria come out with the ring already filled with EC3, Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards. Mike talks about how he beat EC3's streak and that he needs to get in line and that it doesn't matter who is champion because he's going to win and the save the company. Eli talks about dummies and he and Mike attack EC3 and Eddie Edwards. Moose comes out and Mike and Eli scatter as we go to commercial.

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Moose vs Mike Bennett

Moose chops Mike repeatedly then drops him with a dropkick, going for a discus clothesline, but Maria drags Mike out from under the bottom rope. The referee ejects Maria from ringside then Mike hits a chop block, following up with stomps to the ankle of Moose, trying to keep the big guy grounded. Mike mocks Moose and gets dropped repeatedly with headbutts, following up with a pop up powerbomb. Mike hits a series of picks then a piledriver for a quick 2 count, following up with an attempted cutter, but Moose shoves him off and hits a series of right hands. Moose goes for the discus clothesline, but Mike counters with a superkick then hits a cutter for a close 2 count. Moose goes to the outside, Mike dives out after him then Moose runs into the steps and Mike gets the win via count out.

Winner: Mike Bennett via count out

-We then get a recap of The Hardy's and DCC's brawl last week and an update on Matt who it appears now suffers from a bout of amnesia. Al Snow is back and announces a celebration for The Tribunal as we go to commercial.

-Jeff rides his dirt bike over to Matt's house and talks to Reby. Matt is building another dining room as Benjamin looks on, speaking Spanish, Matt saying he doesn't speak Spanish. Matt has no idea what wrestling is and can't remember a single thing about Brother Nero or them being tag team champions, saying that sounds violent and he's not a violent man.

-The Tribunal come out and talk about making a statement that everyone will notice, bringing Al Snow out to the ring. The Tribunal says they never needed Al who says they wouldn't be there if it weren't for him. They say he hangs onto them and then they attack him as Mahabali Shera comes out to the ring. Shera fights them both off momentarily then gets beat down as well as we go to commercial.

-Jessie Godderz is in the back saying he's waiting for Aron Rex to come to the arena.

Abyss vs EC3

Abyss overpowers EC3 to start the match, EC3 trying to drop him, but cannot then Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but EC3 breaks out of it. Abyss splashes EC3 in the corner who goes to the outside, Abyss following him and hitting him with a series of strikes and chops around the outside of the ring. EC3 turns it around and chops Abyss repeatedly then gets back into the ring long enough to break up the count then Abyss hits a chokeslam onto the apron, EC3 rolling back into the ring. Abyss hits EC3 with right hands then chokes him in the corner, chasing the referee out of the ring. EC3 builds a little offense, only to be smashed into the corner again, Abyss following up with a snapmare then a side headlock that EC3 powers out of only for Abyss to drop him again. Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but EC3 counters and drops him repeatedly with clotheslines then hits a splash in the corner, following up with a missile dropkick. EC3 goes for the One Percenter, Abyss countering with a chokeslam for a close 2 count. Abyss goes to the outside and grabs a chair and comes back into the ring, chasing the referee out of the ring again, EC3 putting a sleeper on Abyss who taps out.

Winner: EC3 via submission

-Next we see Gail Kim coming into the arena, finding out she has a major announcement as we go to commercial.

-We get a video package for Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards for their match tonight.

-We come back with Matt making dinner and they play piano and sing the Obsolete song, but Matt has no idea what they're doing. Matt asks Reby, who he calls Debby and is quickly corrected if he can trust Jeff. They go outside and Matt calls him Brother Hero and Jeff corrects him then talks about his dirt bike, mentioning how he broke his leg and Matt isn't very excited about having to ride on a bike.

-Jeremy Borash comes out and introduces Gail Kim for an interview. Gail calls Jade out to the ring and Gail says she sees a lot of herself in Jade and that she believes in her and that she has everything it takes to succeed in the company. Gail starts to say something as Decay come out. Rosemary puts a choke on Gail as Steve keeps Jade isolated. THey hit a coast to coast with a trash canon Jade as we go to commercial.

Trevor Lee vs Rockstar Spud vs DJ Z

Lee and Spud attack Z then argue about getting back into the ring, Z diving out onto them. Z hits a front flip springboard arm drag on Lee then launches Spud off the top rope. Lee catches Z and drops him onto the back of Spud, Lee hitting a gutwrench fall away slam that sends Spud out of the ring. Lee throws Z across the ring then Spud tosses Lee to the outside for a quick 2  count on Z. Lee hits a release German suplex on Spud that sends him outside then Z hits a jawbreaker on Lee, following up with back elbows to both Lee and Spud in the corners. Z hits a back elbow on Lee then goes for the ZDT, Spud hitting a low blow and rolling up Z for a close 2 count, Lee hitting a fisherman's buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trevor Lee via pinfall

-We find out Grado and Robbie E have a handicap match against Bobby Lashley as we go to commercial.

-Allie talks to Brandi in the back and Brandi tries to enlist Allie to help her, but she works for Maria. Brandi tries to enlist her help, but Allie turns her down and leaves.

Grado & Robbie E vs Bobby Lashley

Grado tries for a waist lock, but can't do it then tags in Robbie who Lashley brings in. Lashley puts a stalled suple on Robbie as he just shoves Grado away with one hand. Lashley stomps on Robbie in the corner and chokes him, Lashley misses a spear then Grado hits a double axe handle off the top rope, Robbie dropping Lashley. Robbie holds onto Lashley as Grado hits him with right hands, the two hitting a suplex on Lashley. Lashley sends Robbie to the outside then hits a Dominator on Grado, setting him up for a spear, but Robbie is back in and gets speared instead for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall

-Jessie attacks Rex when he gets to the arena until Rex rakes his eyes and runs away and leaves in his car. We go back to the Hardy's and Matt is terrified being on Jeff's dirt bike, clinging onto him. Jeff tells Matt to talk to his boat and Matt asks how the hell he's supposed to talk to a boat since it's not alive. Matt says it's too hard to describe what's going on in his head and his scribe appears, Jeff puts Matt into the water and Matt says fighting isn't the answer and that Jeff has anger issues.

Eli Drake vs Eddie Edwards TNA World Title Match

They lock up to start the match then exchange holds before Eddie gets free. Eddie takes Drake down, but he's quickly back up and drops Eddie. Eddie puts a side headlock on Drake who quickly gets out of it then drops Eddie with a back elbow, following up with stomps and right hands. Eddie chops Eli across the chest then sends him to the outside, Eddie sliding to the outside and hitting a huricanrrana onto the floor. Drake hits a pop up back drop onto the apron then puts Eddie back into the ring, hitting an elbow drop for a quick 2 count. Drake hits a Skylord Slam then an elbow drop for close 2 count. Eddie hits a superplex then follows up with right hands and chops. Eddie sends Eli to the outside then dives out onto Eli, but Eddie dlves over Drake and into the front row of the crowd. They get back into the ring and Eddie hits a codebreaker off the second rope for a close 2 count. Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma for a very close 2 count then follows up with a pop up uranagi for another close 2 count. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party after Drake misses a clotheslines off the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall with The Boston Knee Party

-After the match DCC come out and attack Eddie, lying the belt across Eddie then they take their masks off, revealing themselves to be James Storm, Bram and Eddie Kingston as we go off the air.

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