TNA IMPACT Wrestling Recap (August 18th) What's Next For Bobby Lashley?

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling. I'm Ryan Cook and I'll be taking you through it all tonight as Bobby Lashley begins his reign as a three belt champion. Every one is left wondering what state Jeff Hardy is in after last he truly broken just like Matt? This question and more will be answered tonight so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all the action!

-We open with Lashley confronting Aron Rex backstage without saying a word. James Storm comes out next and asks Bryan Heber to come out and asks him what happened. They then show a recap of the match from last week. Billy Corgan comes out and says he can't do anything about it. Corgan says maybe he just can't win the big one. Storm then takes out a hammer and starts to break the ring apart, saying he helped build it and he'll destroy it piece by piece, saying all Corgan is is a rockstar. Security come out to protect Corgan, Storm saying AJ Styles, he and Bobby Roode stayed in the company because they believed in it, so he can't tell him a thing about begging. Storm says he's never got to beat up a rockstar and if they come face to face again, he'll smash his pumpkin; that was funny. Corgan says that he's suspended as he leaves the ring. 

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-We then have The Miracle and Moose backstage, talking about Eddie Edwards match with Moose tonight. As we come back we see Storm getting in his car and leaving. 

Eddie Edwards vs MOOSE

Eddie starts off strong, but Moose just outmuscles him, knocking him around the six sided ring. Eddie sends Moose to the outside then dives off the apron and hits Moose with a knee to the back. Moose then hits a brutal powerbomb on the apron, tossing him back into the ring and getting a close 2 count. Moose hits and nearly Okada level dropkick for a quick 2 count, Moose is in complete control at this point. Moose went for a running cross body off the top rope, but Edwards countered with a dropkick. Moose turns Edwards inside out with a clothesline for a very close 2 count then goes for a spear, but misses. Edwards sets Moose on the top rope then goes for a hurricanrrana, hitting it then takes out Mike Bennett on the outside. Eddie goes to the top rope, but Moose grabs him and hits the Go To Hell for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall with the Go To Hell

-After the match we get a backstage segment with Maria, saying if Jade doesn't beat Gail, she'll never get another title shot as we go to commercial.

Gail Kim vs Jade

Jade and Gail exchange chops in the corner as the match starts as they compare the two. Jade hits a series of punches and kicks that drops Gail for a quick 2 count. Jade goes for a german, but Gail reverses it and sends her to the outside. Gail hits some kind of 619 using the ring post then goes for a crossbody, but Jade catches her and drops to the ground with her knees into her chest. They get into the ring and Gail is in control, hitting a flurry of moves, ending with a senton for a quick 2 count. Gail goes for a moonsault and misses then Jade goes for a springboard moonsault and misses. They roll up on top of the referee then Gail hits Eat Defeat out of no where. Sienna drags her out of the ring and hits the AK-47 out on the floor. Sienna hits the Silencer on Jade in the ring next.

Winner: Gail Kim via disqualification

Braxton Sutter vs DJ Z vs Mandrews vs Rockstar Spud X Division Fatal Fourway

There's so much crazy action in the first two minutes then it finally calms down as DJ Z dives out and takes out Mandrews and Sutter. DJ Z is in control, until Mandrews hits a beautiful northern lights suplex. DJ Z gets countered into a powerslam then Mandrews hits a moonsault to break up the pin. Sutter hits a suplex into the turnbuckle then Spud gets caught by Z. Z hits a double ZDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: DJ Z

-EC3 comes out and asks Drew Galloway to come out, saying he'll give him an answer to his challenge from last week. EC3 says his answer may surprise Drew, but Drew says he doesn't think so, he thinks his answer will be know because he thinks that EC3 thinks he can't beat him so he won't put it on the line and more importantly he thinks EC3 believes he did nothing wrong to him. Drew says he's had three opportunities to get the belt back and he's been cheated by EC3 every time. EC3 says he accepts the challenge as Aron Rex comes out. Rex announces that he's the special guest referee for their match.

-They then show Eli Drake backstage, talking about James Storm losing the King of the Mountain title, but Lashley interrupts him. Bobby says he doesn't need a gimmick because he's the champion. Eli says he plans to take all three of them, if he'll just face him tonight. Bobby says he doesn't have time for him right now, that he's making history tonight and he'll get a chance to. Lashley then acts like he'll grab Sienna's title which was pretty funny.

-They then show Matt and Jeff talking about tonight's match. Matt says ladders don't belong in a wrestling wrestling. Jeff looks like he belongs in a black metal band; pretty cool actually. 

-Eli Drake comes out as we come back and talks about how he wasn't on the show last week, making fun of James Storm. Drake then talks about him talking to Lashley. 

Eli Drake vs Mahabali Shera

Shera throws Drake around the ring as we start, smashing him into every corner. Shera gets a quick 2 count off of an elbow drop. Drake goes to the top rope, but Shera catches him and tosses him across the ring. Drake hits a neckbreaker then goes for an elbow, but misses. Shera hits a popup flapjack, but Drake quickly drops him with Blunt Force Trauma out of no where for the pin and the win.

WInner: Eli Drake via pinfall with Blunt Force Trauma

-Bobby Lashley comes out and declares he is the undisputed champion and he wants to defend all the belts each time. Corgan says he's the boss, but Bobby says he makes the belts important, not the other way around then throws down the King of the Mountain belt. Bobby then says that he doesn't care about the X-Division belt either and tosses it down. Dixie calls him out for disrespecting the belts and the former champions. Bobby leaves with the heavyweight belt around his waist. They announce there's an open invitational battle royal next week and the winner faces Lashley for the World Heavyweight title.

-As we come back Corgan says backstage that Lashley vacated the belts he disrespected.

Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy vs The Tribunal vs The Helms Dynasty vs The Bromans Ascension to Hell Match

Chaos breaks out as the match starts then we go to commercial with everyone attacking each other.

Jeff goes to climb the ladder first, but he's knocked off then outside of the ring. The Tribunal focus on Jeff with Matt just hanging out outside like usual. Matt yanks a ladder out of the ring then gets double teamed by the Tribunal. Jeff dives off the top rope and hits Barraka. Matt starts biting peoples feet and hands then faces. The Bromans take out Matt then go for the contract, but the Tribunal come in and tosses them out of the ring. The Tribunal go to climb the ladder, but the Bromans take them out. Absolutely no clue where Jeff is, I don't know if he got hurt when that move happened or not...Nevermind, Jeff just dove onto someone randomly on the outside. Matt hits a Side Effect on Trevor Lee on the corner of the ladder...that had to hurt! Matt had said he had a premonition that Jeff would be underneath a ladder if he used one tonight and the match ends with Matt putting a ladder over Jeff's body then climbing up and getting the contract.

Winner: Matt Hardy



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