Tom Lawlor Looks Back On Wrestling Billy Gunn And R-Truth At A Florida Independent Show

Tom Lawlor considered it an honor to lose to R-Truth.

As most wrestlers do, Tom Lawlor once found himself in a tag team match at a Florida independent show against former WWE stars. In this case, those former WWE Superstars were Kip James (Billy Gunn) and Ron Killings (R-Truth). The common thread in this tag team is that both men were once paired with Road Dogg (BG James).

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Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Lawlor reflected on his time in the ring with these men noting that he believed he had already had a WWE tryout under his belt by the time this match came to be.

"I think by that time I’d already had a WWE tryout, as well, by the time I had that tag match. I think that was one of my last matches before I was fighting full-time."

Lawlor continued, "I believe they were the James Gang or something at that time, at the Cocoa Beach Pavilion and I remember this succinctly because, not only did we essentially got squashed in the match and they wanted nothing to do with wrestling us, but some asshole in the crowd threw a D cell battery at us. Like, those things are heavy. Dude, we’re a jobber tag team. It’s not like we’re in some blood feud with these guys or we did anything to the crowd. You huck a fucking D cell battery at poor kids? Fuck. I never had that happen with UFC or Bloodsport."

Years later, that one experience would still prove very meaningful to Tom as he says during the days of Miz teaming with R-Truth as Awesome Truth he would often remind his then-girlfriend while watching Monday Night Raw that he once lost to R-Truth, beaming and treating it like a badge of honor.

"There were a period of years where I didn’t watch wrestling at all and I started watching it again and R-Truth was in the main event scene—him and The Miz as a tag team. I would tell my ex-girlfriend at the time, ‘I wrestled that guy. I lost to that guy.’ I was so proud of it."

Neither R-Truth nor D-Cell-battery-tossing fans will not be present at GCW Bloodsport 7 on Friday, October 22. You can pre-order the event here.

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