Tom Magee Had No Idea His WWF Match With Bret Hart Was Lost

The Two Man Power Trip welcomed the "Mega Man" Tom Magee for an EXTREMELY RARE and VERY REVEALING interview. Tom Magee is now known to most fans as Bret Hart's opponent in the "LOST" match from 1986 where a young Hitman was tasked with helping newcomer Tom Magee impress the WWF brass. This match would later be dubbed the "holy grail" of wrestling footage due to the reaction of Vince McMahon crowning Magee as his next champion and possible replacement for Hulk Hogan down the line. In this conversation, Magee opens up about the recent explosion of fan interest regarding this match, what exactly happened following his dark match backstage with management and what he did after all the madness that was the WWF in the late 1980s. We also dig deep into "Mega Man's" past and find out the body-building influences he had as well as how he maintained his absolutely impressive physique. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

Did he know the match had been lost by WWE:

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"I knew there was a lot of buzz about the match and that it had never been seen but I didn't know what happened to the tape. I just assumed that the WWE had it in their possession and I'd never seen it. I got to see it in Las Vegas recently and I was impressed and amazed and there was a number of things in it that impressed me. I was really big and heavy at the time and I was amazed at how capably Bret Hart was able to lift me and I also was glad that I got to show some of the athleticism that I worked so hard to create over many decades of applying myself and the training of course that the Hart Family had put into me so as an athlete that is what you want to do and you want to show the hard work also that you put in but that everyone else has put into you. Anyone who does a delicate performance there are a lot of trainers and a lot of people that put their heart and their soul into giving you those abilities and so it is great when you get a chance to do that. I was so stoked to be there and meeting Vince McMahon and getting to talk to him and it is a kind of synergy that is in there. The combination of all those individuals brought together, WOW. The power and the lights emanating from that was just so amazing and I hope that the match reflected that."

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