Tommy Dreamer May Retire At 50 Years Old

Tommy Dreamer says when he retires, he will be done for good. 

In an interview with The Wrestling Estate, Tommy Dreamer laid out the decisions he has to make over the next few years. The former World Champion says he would love to end his career on an even number with either thirty years in the profession or at 50 years old and both occur in the next few years. 

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“I’m 47, I’d love to do 30 years of wrestling and call it a career, which would be two more years," said Dreamer. "Then I know I’d love to retire at 50. But I will always go on the record and say the moment I retire, I’m retiring and I’m never going to wrestle again. Unlike a lot of people, as you know, I always stick to stipulations, and that’s my own stipulation,” he continued.  

After nearly three decades in this particular career, Dreamer has accumulated a few long lasting injuries which he said bother him backstage. But Dreamer said when he gets in front of the crowd, the years of punishment on his body seem to disappear. 

"It’s funny, I could barely lace my boots in the back. Once my music hit, adrenaline kicks in, adrenaline is the greatest drug of all time,and I say it on the mic all the time. When I go through that curtain, I’m 27 years old again with a full set of hair and 20 pounds lighter. I’m Tommy Dreamer again. I wish it could last forever, but it doesn't. When I come to the back, I quickly take off my boots and I start hunching over. It’s like the reverse evolution of man where you start standing up right and start going back down,” said Dreamer. 

In the rest of the interview, Dreamer discusses his biggest injuries and his own wrestling promotion House of Hardcore

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