Tommy Dreamer Says James Ellsworth Screwed Him Over; Also Got Paid $7000 To Drink Undertaker's Tobacco Spit

Tommy Dreamer was a recent guest on Under the Mat Radio, where he talked about some of the craziest things he's done in an in-ring career spanning more than two decades. He also said that Smackdown fan favorite underdog James Ellsworth screwed him over when he pulled out of House of Hardcore 23.

Ellsworth was due to be Dreamer's partner in a tag match at the December 18 event. “Myself and NOW a mystery partner will be facing The (Spirit) Squad coming up at House of Hardcore 23," said Dreamer. That mystery partner turned out to be Sandman, and he and Dreamer were victorious over Kenny and Mikey of the Spirit Squad. Dreamer was none too happy about the late change to the card. "WWE pulled James Ellsworth and I’m not happy about that. James Ellsworth screwed over Dean Ambrose, that was storyline, but (Ellsworth) screwed me over for real and I’m pissed off about it.”

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Ellsworth better be careful. As the old adage says, you don't mess with crazy, and there's a whole bunch of crazy on Dreamer's resume, including once drinking Undertaker's tobacco spit. “Yeah it was gross, it was real. I got $7,000 to do it and I got to wrestle the Undertaker three to four times. So I think anyone might do the same," said Dreamer.  

When asked to bring up other crazy things he's done, one match stuck out in Dreamer's memory.

"The scaffold match back in the day was pretty crazy for one. Sandman made it two. I’m scared of heights, three. Brian Lee choked me with the electrical power from the entire building and after the match the guy told his that he is not sure how we were not electrocuted to death on the top of that scaffold. The scaffold swayed, I don’t know I’ve done a lot of crazy things.”

Yes, you certainly have, Tommy Dreamer. And let that be a warning to you, Ellsworth. Best not to piss him off.


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