Top WWE Executives Receive Quarterly Bonus

According to the SEC filing by WWE, executives who received bonuses include Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and WWE Producer Kevin Dunn. The bonuses and the recipients are as follows. 

Stephanie Lesvesque: $46,963 
Paul Levesque: $43,145 
Kevin Dunn: $52,062
Michelle D. Wilson: $42,770 
George A. Barrios: $42,349 
Michael J. Luisi: $28,398  
Casey Collins: $23,622   
Basil V. Devito Jr: $13,002   
Blake Timothy Bilstad: $10,994  
Mark Kowal: $8,358  

Bonuses for executives are tied to stock performance and their position in the company. Some stock holders also receive quarterly dividends. WWE posts their finacial records and SEC filings on the corporate website. 

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