Total Bellas 10/11: The Wrong Move -- Recap

This week, Brie and Bryan talk DNA, J.J. takes an Instagram bet, and Nikki injures herself again.

Brie and Nikki go to Mattel headquarters and see the dolls that were designed after them. Nikki has been toying with retiring at WrestleMania, however, she feels inspired and isn’t sure if that will be the right time for her.

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Bryan and Brie talk about ancestry and Bryan feels like his ancestors were Vikings and Brie knows she has Mexican and Italian heritage. Bryan is curious to see who all has what ancestry so he goes and gets DNA tests for the family to see who is what. After a couple of days, Bryan and Brie reveal the results. Bryan is 98 percent Scandinavian and Brie has a lot of different things but nowhere near as much Italian as she thought she had. She even has some Jewish heritage. Brie throws a surprise Viking party for Bryan to celebrate his Viking heritage. Brie even gets a little baby Viking beanie for baby Birdie. Bryan announces that they are going to honor Brie’s grandfather that has passed and give Birdie the middle name Joe to honor him.

Lauren is a blogger for What Lola Likes and she set up J.J.’s Instagram account. J.J. says social media and blogging is easy. Kathy bets J.J. that he can’t triple his 15,000 followers in two weeks. J.J. takes the bet and it is for a $1,000. J.J. wants to do posts by copying Nikki’s photos and doing them himself in a comedic way. J.J. then goes to wax his chest to try and gain followers. Bryan goes along to witness and capture the waxing in action.  J.J. later goes to SmackDown with Nikki and tells the women wrestlers about the contest and they pose for pictures with him to help boost his followers. J.J. and Nikki get in an argument over the Instagram thing. Nikki tells him that the competition is fine but he needs to concentrate on lifting his wife up. Nikki says he needs to apologize to her because he was taking it too far. J.J. apologizes to Lauren for her feeling like he was mocking her. J.J. forfeits the bet.

Nikki tells John she might be done after WrestleMania and John is very happy about it. He thinks she has too much on her plate. He is worried about her health. She says she has closure now but she wants to do it all, wrestling, the wine brand, and BirdieBee. John asks her if continuing wrestling is worth the risk of her health. Nikki and John are in the WrestleMania storyline with Miz and Maryse. Nikki is excited because she feels like this a huge match coming into WrestleMania. Nikki just feels nervous and wants to make John proud of her.  In the storyline, Tyler Breeze dresses as Nikki Bella and Nikki spears him. She feels a rush and knows she took the move wrong. She says she feels weird after that, and she still lifts Tyler up over her shoulders to finish the match.  John is concerned about Nikki backstage and takes her directly to the trainer. He wants the doctor to look at it to be safe. Nikki feels like she might have ended her career.

Next week we will see what Nikki’s results are and Brie and Bryan talk about how they want to handle the delivery of Birdie. Catch Total Bellas on the E! Channel on Wednesday nights!

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