Total Bellas 10/18 Countdown to Mania

This week on Total Bellas, Nikki gets the news about her neck injury, Brie and Bryan make plans for the delivery of their baby, and J.J. plans to renew his vows to his wife Lauren.

Nikki lands in Phoenix and needs to get her x-rays done to see what exactly happened with her neck. At this point she is not sure if something happened with her hardware or if something broke. She is very upset and scared at the thought of her career ending and not being able to perform at WrestleMania. Nikki says that her doctor told her the disc above her surgery is slightly herniated. They have not cleared her to wrestle yet. She must get checked a few days later. The doctor tells Nikki that he does not know why she is still wrestling. Nikki and Bryan talk to each other about the situations and Nikki is really relating to how Bryan’s career ended as well, being forced into retirement. Brie tells Nikki that she can’t put her health on the line and tells her she needs to be prepared to not go to WrestleMania. Nikki is frustrated but Brie wants her to not be in denial and know that it is a huge health risk to go into Mania against doctor’s orders.

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At the hospital, Nikki goes in and meets Dr. Uribe. He tells her that she has been pushing too hard. He is worried about the segment in her neck that she has herniated. He says that that if she continues then it could end up in another surgery or worse. He said that if she was a family member he would be telling her not to wrestle and he prefers that she doesn’t do it. He says she can go back for WrestleMania on limited moves and that’s it. He recommends her finding something else to do with her career.

Rumors are circling about John Cena proposing at WrestleMania and prop bets being taken. The bet in Vegas is 70/30 that John will propose. Nikki and Bryan joke about her taking the bet against John proposing, that way she wins no matter what.

Brie and Bryan have some planning to do before the birth of their baby and part of that is getting the dogs trained to be around babies. Brie goes in for her last ultrasound. They are concerned that Brie will go into labor while Bryan is at WrestleMania. Brie’s ob/gyn can only deliver in a hospital but they don’t know if they want to be in a hospital, do a home birth or go to a birthing center. They haven’t decided on where exactly they would like to be to deliver the baby. Kathy and John L. get dog training toys, anxiety vests and treats to help train Winston and Josie before the baby is born.  Brie makes a proclamation that she wants to do a home birth, then says she isn’t sure but is leaning towards home birth. The family says they all think she should be in the hospital to be safe in case of an emergency. Brie agrees to rethink things and weigh out pros and cons. Bryan and Brie bring in a doula (a birthing coach) in to talk to them. They are now thinking that they will have a natural birth at the hospital with their ob/gyn and the doula.

J.J. would like to renew his vows with Lauren now that they have their relationship on the right track. Lauren is worried that J.J. isn’t getting anything for the vow renewal. Nikki doesn’t think he is taking it seriously. J.J. tells Lauren that all she must do is show up. Everyone is doubting that J.J. is putting effort into the vow renewal. J.J. gets defensive and wants his family to believe in him.  The family is waiting for J.J. at Kathy and Johnny’s house for him to take them to the destination where the vows will be renewed. Lauren is surprised that he is not dressed in a suit and she feels overdressed. He has a party bus take them to the destination.  They pull up to a brewery. Lauren is confused and a little upset. J.J. comes back in from the bar and is now dressed in a suit with champagne. He wanted to trick the family into thinking the vows were at the bar. They make their way to an outdoor destination where he has everything set up beautifully. Bryan is going to officiate the renewal of the vows. They say their own vows and have a wonderful ceremony that is everything Lauren had been wanting.

The season finale of Total Bellas can be seen next Wednesday night on the E! Channel.

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