On tonight’s episode of Total Bellas, Nikki and Brie bicker about parties, J.J. and Lauren talk therapy and is the custody of Winston in jeopardy?

Nikki and Natalya end their feud on SmackDown Live and Nikki is excited to see what her next storyline might be.

John and Nikki arrive at Bryan and Brie’s house. They give him the tour, Brie feels a little embarrassed by how small it is. Bryan says he is a little worried about going to WrestleMania because he doesn’t want to miss the birth of their baby.

Brie and Bryan go to Babies R Us and start their registry. Brie puts on a big video baby monitor system, Bryan does not want her to add it because of how expensive it is.

Brie wants to throw Nikki a Women Empowerment party. Brie wants to celebrate all of Nikki’s accomplishments and have it as a thank you to Nikki for all that she has been doing for Brie. Brie tells their mom and J.J. about wanting to throw the party. Then J.J., Kathy and Nikki all go to dinner and J.J. tells Nikki about the party and spins it to be a “sorry you will never have kids, here’s to being a cool auntie” party. That is not how Brie meant it to sound, so of course Nikki is pissed.

Brie goes to Lauren and J.J.’s house and tells Lauren that the family knows they are separated. Lauren thought that they weren’t going to tell either of their families or friends so she feels stupid. Brie tells her to just try and push for J.J. to go to therapy with her.

Bryan gets upset at Brie because some of the baby registry gifts have come and he sees the expensive video monitor system that someone had bought them, even though he told Brie not to put it on the list. Brie feels that she needs to get rid of it.

John and Nikki go to lunch and Nikki tells John about the party Brie is trying to throw her. He tells her to confront Brie.

Nikki talks with Brie and Brie says that she does want to throw her a party because who knows if she will ever get to throw Nikki a bachelorette or baby shower. This irks Nikki and she takes Winston the dog home with her.

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