In this episode, we see who will take care of Baby Birdie if something should happen to Bryan and Brie and power of attorney issues.

We learn that Nikki Bella is extremely particular with her wine. A delivery guy comes to the villa with wine and Nikki looks at the label, it wasn’t quite the specific brand she wanted so she sends the guy back out to get her a correct one. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, except the poor guy hast to walk about 10 minutes to get there and back, outside and in the hot sun. John even teases her about it.

Nikki is a little nervous for her storyline with John at SmackDown Live. She feels like she does great and couldn’t be more excited to go to WrestleMania with John at her side.

J.J. and Lauren are trying to work things out. J.J., Lauren, Kathy and her husband John Laurinaitis go to lunch and somehow start talking about Kathy and John’s sex life. They talk K.Y. Jelly and Kathy says “They don’t call him Big Johnny for nothing.” J.J. and Kathy FaceTime with Brie and threaten to start talking positions to tease her kids further.

Brie and Bryan talk and say that they need to decide who would take care of Birdie if something happened to them. Brie thinks that Nikki is the optimal choice, however, she isn’t sure about John. She also thinks J.J. and Lauren may be a good issue because of their daughter Vivian, however, it is also difficult there because of their rocky marriage. They need to really think on their options.

The group goes to breakfast and they talk about wills. John must explain a living trust and power of attorney to Nikki. Nikki has not made a will yet and John tells her to get it in order. Nikki says she would choose John, but he tells her that he would have to have an in-depth conversation about it. Then the conversation at the table went to who would take Vivian if something happened and J.J. and Lauren said Bryan and Brie would have her. John and Nikki teased that they would be rolling the dice had they chose them. This makes Brie uneasy because she was wanting Nikki in that position for Birdie but doesn’t know if it is a good idea now.

Nikki talks more to John about power of attorney. He says he will not be hers. Then she asks who his is, and he says that it is confidential and he will never tell her. He says that she doesn’t land on the list of people who would get to make a life decision for him. Nikki’s feelings are hurt. He says he doesn’t want that burden on her. He tells her that she is overexaggerating and still refuses to tell her who is his. He just keeps telling her that it is confidential. The rest of the car ride is very awkward.

Kathy and John L. talk about their first year of marriage, John says that she is sexy 24/7. Brie and Nikki get grossed and weirded out on them talking about sex.

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