Total Bellas 9/6: A Desert Dilemma

It’s the season premiere of Total Bellas! We start off 10 weeks before WrestleMania and the birth of Brie and Bryan’s baby girl. Brie is roughly 30 weeks pregnant and the swelling in her feet, hands and face has started. Brie and Nikki make jokes about it in their intro and we move into Brie’s journey into motherhood and Nikki’s relationship with John Cena.

Nikki says that her relationship with John is the best that it has ever been. They sit down to dinner and Nikki tells him then she wants to spend their off days in Phoenix for a few months. Nikki and Brie’s company Birdie Bee is in Phoenix and Brie and Bryan live there, so naturally, Nikki wants to be there on her off time. John tells her to consider things and Nikki is overjoyed.

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Brie gets a maternity cast of her belly done and while they are doing that she speaks to her brother J.J.'s wife Lauren about doing nude maternity photos. Lauren did them while she was pregnant and posted the photos online. Brie wants to do the photos but is hesitant because she knows she will want to post the (tastefully) nude photos, but she doesn’t want Bryan to be upset about it. Brie ends up going to J.J. and Lauren’s house to talk about the photos more and learns that J.J. was not happy with Lauren sharing her photos online. He was uncomfortable with it and felt that those photos should be private between them.

John talks with his trainer and tells him that he doesn't want to live in Phoenix due to his busy life and feels bad that he has led Nikki on. He lets Nikki know the truth, that he does not want to go with her to Phoenix to live but understands why she wants to. Nikki is bummed but understands. She dreads telling Brie.

Nikki has lunch with J.J. and he tells her that he and Lauren have been fighting a lot lately, so much that he has had to move out of their home. They have separated but he tells Nikki that he still loves his wife very much. J.J. asks if he can live with Nikki while they are separated. Nikki doesn’t give him a yes or no answer. Brie does not know about the separation and J.J. wants to keep it quiet for now.

J.J. and Lauren are still amicable, they even go on vacation to San Diego with Nikki and John. There are some awkward moments between the two. J.J. knows that he wants to work on the marriage, it will just take some time and patience to do so.

Brie ends up doing the maternity shoot, with some of the photos of her being topless. Bryan seems very uncomfortable with the experience. He says that it is not his “cup of tea”. A little while after the shoot, Brie has framed photos brought home and Bryan is ok with them and even gives Brie permission for them to be posted online.

The family goes to dinner and John must let everyone know that he will not be moving with Nikki to Phoenix. Brie is pissed and feels like John hasn’t been part of the family. She even says that the baby won’t know John as an uncle since he is never around. John tells her that he just does not have the time. The following night, they have another dinner and Brie tells John that she thought about what she said the previous night and apologizes, especially after finding out that John is choosing to come to Phoenix when he has a 12-hour string of time off to spend with them. She toasts him and says that the baby will be happy to call him Uncle Shushu.

Total Bellas airs every Wednesday night on the E! Network. There are more clips to watch below. Stick with us here at for all your coverage!


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