Total Divas Recap 11/1 This is Make or Break

It’s the Season 7 premiere of Total Divas. This season, the Divas cast now includes Carmella, Nia Jax, and Alexa Bliss.

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view is the next show and the women find out that WWE is going to be having their first ever women’s Money in the Bank match which involves ladders. The women are so excited to be taking another step forward in the Women’s Revolution.

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Naomi says that things are going exceptionally well for her, she is currently the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Jon Uso, her husband, is one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions and they are doing well for themselves. However, she says the romance level isn’t what it used to be at. They discuss what they want to eat for dinner, and Jon takes her to a drive through fast food restaurant. She is looking to be wined and dined a little more than that. At a different date, Jon takes Naomi to a lighthouse to try and be romantic. It is not what she had in mind. Later, Jon cooks a spaghetti meal for Naomi even though he doesn’t cook. He wants to try a little harder. This was exactly what she had in mind, not an expensive restaurant, just him caring enough to try and be romantic. Then, she finds to-go boxes and finds that he in fact did not cook, just pretended that he did. Luckily for him, Naomi has a good sense of humor.

Brie and Bryan are getting adjusted to life with Birdie. Nikki is now engaged to John and she is trying to get her neck healed so she can come back to the ring. Bryan is on paternity leave from WWE. Brie and Nikki miss being in the ring and are bummed that they are missing out on the Money in the Bank match. Nikki and Bryan want to pitch and idea to management about Nikki taking Bryan’s spot temporarily. A while later, Bryan gets a call that he must go back to work. Brie doesn’t know what she will do without Bryan. Brie assumes that Nikki’s pitch didn’t go well since Bryan got called to go back.

Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax introduce themselves on the show and share some backstory. The two are best friends and travel together and hang out together in their off time.  Nia, Alexa and Maryse are all on Raw while the rest of the cast is on SmackDown. Maryse takes a little offense when Nia says it’s too bad that Maryse can’t be a part of the revolution now. Maryse seems to be taking it too seriously and it didn’t seem like Nia was trying to put her down.  Later, Maryse gets triggered again when Nia asks her if she has been in a gauntlet match. Maryse starts telling her that she has been there over a decade and goes off on Nia. Nia said that she doesn’t follow everything Maryse does and Maryse doesn’t follow everything she does. Nia asked her a yes or no question on the gauntlet match and Maryse went off on her. Nia walked away and Maryse told Alexa that Nia is the most disrespectful person she has met is wrestling. Alexa talks with Nia and tells Nia that she knows that she wasn’t jabbing at Maryse, however, she can also see Maryse’s perspective. Maryse fills in Miz on what is going on, he tells her that she had two-minute matches when she was champion and had to try and tell a story, get her character over, and wrestle. He said that because she went through that, she helped build the Revolution and that is why the current roster has the opportunities they now have.

Lana talks with Rusev, she explains that she is trying hard to gain muscle. Lana is getting her first match for the title at Money in the Bank and is trying to prepare for it physically and mentally. Lana asked Nattie and Nikki to help her in the ring for training. Rusev watches and criticizes Lana in the ring and is getting into her head. He has good advice for her but is not delivering it into a constructive way to Lana.

Nattie feels like she needs more preparation for her match. She admits that she is afraid of heights and is very nervous for the ladder match. She goes with her dad and they pick up a 12-foot ladder. They tie it to the top of their car and of course it falls off in the middle of the road. They finally get the ladder to the house. Nattie is concerned because she hates heights, and this is not a safe match to begin with.  Nattie doesn’t even go off the second rope in her matches, but uses the ladders to try and adequately prepare.

At John Cena and Nikki’s house, Nikki has a pool party and invites a bunch of the divas. Rusev admits to Nikki and Nattie that he is not comfortable with Lana wrestling. They tell him that they understand that he doesn’t want her getting hurt, however, he needs to be supportive of her.

We end the episode with the women getting ready for the Money in the Bank match. The season is off to an interesting start with new cast members and as always, the drama that ensues. Much more to come this season on Total Divas which can be seen Wednesday nights on the E! Channel.

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