Total Divas Recap 11/8 Dressed Like a Champ

This week on Total Divas, we see more of Lana’s journey in the ring and Trinity and Nattie babysit baby Birdie!

The winner of the Money in the Bank match is revealed to be Carmella, one of the newest cast members this season. She is dating Big Cass and is very excited to have won the match and have the opportunity. While she is eating with Nattie and Trinity, Nattie gets a call from Brie and they all decide to meet the following week at Brie’s house to meet the baby.

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Lana has her first singles match for the championship. She did not win the match and feels that she has a lot of room for improvement. She works out with Nia and Nia asks her why she would want to wrestle since she already has the character, the heat, and the mic skills. Nia feels like she doesn’t need to be in the ring. Lana disagrees, and her dream is to be in the ring and wrestling. Lana works out with Nikki and Nikki is very supportive of her. Lana has her second title match against Trinity aka Naomi. Lana has a true passion for everything wrestling. She says that she is going to do everything it takes to one day be Women’s Champion. Mark Carrano takes Lana aside to talk to her about her career. Mark tells her that her storyline with Trinity is ending and she will no longer be wrestling at all. They are no longer having her in the training center and wrestling is done for her. He tells her that the decision is final and she is done wrestling. Lana calls Nikki and cries and feels defeated.

Maryse wants to give Alexa a makeover in Japan. Maryse wants her to have a whole new wardrobe. Maryse makes fun of how practical Alexa’s style is. Alexa talks with Mark Carrano who agrees with Maryse that maybe she upgrades a little bit since she is the female face of Raw. Maryse takes Alexa shopping and wants her to have more feminine clothes. Alexa tries on clothes, Maryse loves them and Nia rolls her eyes. Nia knows that this is not her at all and knows that Alexa is being polite to Maryse but is uncomfortable. Nia pulls her aside and tells her that she needs to be herself. Alexa says that she has struggled with eating disorders twice before so the pressure of changing her look makes her feel vulnerable. Alexa meets with Lilian Garcia and does a podcast with her. Alexa talks about her anorexia when she was 15 and being hospitalized because of its severity. Alexa says she doesn’t want to wish that on her worst enemy. She knows that she will get constant criticism in this career but if she can ignore all of it, then she is stronger. She says that she is confident and doesn’t want to change who she is. She talks with Maryse and tells her that changing her clothes makes her feel like it is changing her. Maryse understands and tells Alexa that Alexa can dress her up.

At Brie’s house, Trinity and Nattie arrive and they are going to babysit Birdie so that Bryan and Brie can have some adult time. Brie gives them all the instructions they need to care for Birdie. Nattie is very nervous to be watching her but Trinity seems very calm and in control. Bryan and Brie go out to eat. In the meantime, Trinity takes care of the baby while Nattie plays with Winston and Josie the dogs. Trinity asks Nattie if she wants to hold the baby, then Nattie says that she is going to give the dogs water. Brie comes in and Nattie tells Brie that she rocked the baby and took care of Birdie when Nattie did nothing but play with the dogs. Trinity calls her out in the car and tells Nattie that if they every watch her again she needs to be more hands on.  They come back for round 2 of babysitting. Brie gives more instructions on the humidifier and Nattie gets overwhelmed by the instructions and starts breaking down. Nattie gets very anxious and knows that she is very maternal with everyone else but doesn’t think having or caring for a baby is right for her. Brie understands and decides to stay in to hang out with girls while they are there.

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