Total Divas Recap 1/18 What Happens in Vegas...

The show starts off with Lana telling Renee and Trinity NOT to tell Rusev about the bachelorette party. Apparently Rusev does not believe in bachelorette parties after he witnessed a bad one. 

It is ESPY’s week and Nikki has her whole family joining John Cena on the red carpet. 

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Lana gets the huge suite in Vegas that has a freaking basketball court in room. It is the Hardwood Suite at the Palms. 10,000 square feet. How much did that thing cost?

Renee puts Rusev on the spot about bachelorette party and wants to know why he doesn’t like them. Renee is trying to talk him into taking Lana to a strip club. He will not budge on the idea of the party. Renee ends up inviting total strangers to some of the weekend festivities.

Renee’s plan is taking the girls to Thunder Down Under which is a male striptease show. 

When they are getting drinks at the hotel bar, Lana runs into Isiah who Lana has previously dated. (he is the guy in those Old Spice commercials-not Terry Crews, the other one). They met at an acting class and he is flirting with Lana. Renee invited him to a pool party at the hotel the following day and Trinity does not think this is a good idea at all. I am with Trinity on this one.

Nikki warns her family about the paparazzi and to be careful how they look while they are doing stuff so they don’t get caught in a bad light.

While Rusev does some guy stuff, Renee gets the girls a party bus. So, this guy on the bus is the “host” for the party bus but I am 90% sure he is just a stranger. He is a super creeper.

At the Thunder Down Under show, Lana gets to participate onstage. Lana was envious of a normal bachelorette party and wanted to have some normality. She does not know what will happen if Isiah runs into Rusev. Lana says that Rusev does not know about him.

Lana later comes clean and tells Rusev where they went.  Rusev says Renee is a bad influence and that she proved his point. Rusev is upset about it but Lana is sure she can turn the night around by going to a club.

The stranger from the first night shows up and she is WASTED. The girl is totally hitting on Rusev wanting to hook up with him. The drunk girl and her friend are fighting each other (literally) and Trinity stops them and headlocks both of them while everyone else just looks and laughs because it is so ridiculous. Lana finds out about the girls hitting on Rusev and gets mad at him about it. Even though he did nothing wrong and just ignored the drunk girl when she made the offer. Lana is blowing it out of proportion.

Nikki hired a media trainer for her mom Kathy and her brother JJ. Nikki has been constantly on her phone not paying attention the whole episode. Nikki and Brie are worried about how JJ is going to do on the red carpet with the media. They don’t want anything misconstrued or the media taking things the wrong way.

Lana talks with the girls and Trinity said she never had second thoughts and Lana is feeling nervous.

They go to the MGM pool and there is a total cat lady there. Like a lady that thinks she is a cat.

Isiah shows up and talks one on one with Lana. He says that he is very happy for her and that when she gets scared and wants to run, run to Rusev. Lana is scared that she is going to get her heart broken.

JJ gets tired of Nikki only being on her phone then JJ ends up throwing Nikki’s phone in the hot tub.

Rusev comforts Lana about her worries and lets her vent. He calms her down and all is well in land of Rusev and Lana.

At dinner. there is a weird private show with a man and woman dressed up in Lucha attire showing the relation with wrestling and love. They unmask and it is the crazy drunk girl that hit on Rusev and her boyfriend. Then the creeper from party bus shows up…what the heck? Then there’s crazy cat pool lady? Renee had orchestrated the whole thing and planted the weirdos everywhere. I don’t think it was a very good swerve, but hey it made them some good memories.

At the ESPY’s, Nikki’s family made her proud on the red carpet.

Next week is the mid-season finale with more Dean Ambrose and crazy wedding stuff!

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