Total Divas Recap 12/13 Divas Gone Wild

This week on Total Divas we get to see Brie Mode 2.0 in action and Lana vs. Nattie in Cabo.

Carmella has planned an engagement party for Nikki Bella to celebrate her engagement to John Cena. Carmella invites the Divas to come along and almost all of them can make it (except for Maryse and Nia Jax). This places Lana and Nattie at the same location together for a weekend. The two have a strange history, from being very close friends to now almost enemies. Nattie has criticized Lana’s in-ring work, and Lana has told Nattie that she can’t cut a promo. The two have had tension the last few weeks and now they are going to be going on vacation together. The Divas make their way to Cabo.

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Nikki and Alexa are the first to arrive and get some bonding time in. No drama yet, then the rest of the Divas besides Brie show up. They get to the resort and Nattie and Carmella pick upstairs rooms and place their stuff inside the rooms. Later Lana brings up her stuff too and puts it in Carmella’s room. Nattie gets mad that Lana did it since Carmella already claimed the room. This gets them off to a bad start. While Lana is talking with the rest of the girls, Nattie sneaks away with Carmella and personally moves Lana’s luggage downstairs. This upsets Lana and she decides to get back at Nattie later by tp-ing her room. Nattie catches her in the act and the two chase each other but look more like they are playing. Then it turns serious and Nikki must break it up before it gets too heated. The girls get ready for their dinner out. In the meantime, Brie has arrived for her weekend away from Birdie and she must pump her breasts to keep up with the milk supply for the baby.

At dinner, Lana and Nattie continue to argue, Lana makes another comment about Nattie not being able to cut a promo. Nattie decides she will try to cut a promo on Lana right then and even gets on a microphone, but Nattie’s idea of cutting a promo on Lana is announcing that Lana is pregnant, even though she is not. Lana gets annoyed and calls Nattie out. After dinner, they all go out to a club and go dancing. Brie Mode has arrived, and it truly is tremendous. She is the life of the party and is hilarious to watch. Drunk Brie loses her shoe (a favorite drunken pastime) and the girls are having a blast. Then Lana and Nattie get too close to each other again, Lana playfully slaps Nattie, then Nattie really slaps Lana, then Nattie finds a glass of champagne to throw in Lana’s face. They yell at each other and everyone makes their way back to the resort.  Nattie is still sour and finds Lana’s phone and her luggage bag and throws it off the resort property with the intention of throwing it in the ocean. Now, Nattie is completely drunk when she does this, so we don’t know if the items made it to the ocean. Lana knows that Nattie has taken her phone and confronts Nattie. Nattie goes and hides in her room and we end the episode with Lana yelling at Nattie through the door (Lana does not know that Nattie threw her phone towards or in the ocean). Lana goes as far as to talk to the behind the scenes Total Divas crew that is filming, saying that if Nattie doesn’t open the door and give her back her phone, she will make it to where the crew can’t use the footage. Lana is livid, and the episode ends on that note with TO BE CONTINUED.

This was by far the most entertaining episode of Total Divas I have personally seen in a few seasons. Between Lana Vs. Nattie, and Brie Mode 2.0 going back and forth between pumping everywhere, being drunk, singing songs of shoes and dancing, it was the best Divas has aired in while. Catch Total Divas Wednesday nights on the E! Channel.  

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