Total Divas Recap 12/14: Mother of the Groom

Mother of the Groom

Renee and Paige are friendly again. Paige is happy with living in San Antonio. Paige won’t poop in her house because she doesn’t want Del Rio to know that she does indeed go number 2. Where does she poop?

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Lana’s family background is revealed to be very Christian and her family is very religious. Rusev talks about the type of wedding they will have. Rusev tells Lana that she has to tell his mom that they won’t be having a Bulgarian wedding.

Maryse gets a facetime call from her mom that someone is trying to break into their house while she is housesitting. Maryse has a security system and can see the intruder and tells her mom to call 911 and get the cops there. Maryse is freaking out and they see that the intruder is leaving and they hear that the cops are on their way.

Paige has a match against Eva and is happy to be working live again.

Rusev says that he needs to have a wedding in Bulgaria. His mom really wants one and Lana does not want his mom to live vicariously through her. Lana wants a beach wedding but Rusev wants to make his mom happy and wants the Bulgarian wedding.

At dinner Paige, Mayse and Miz talk about what to do if there is an intruder with Maryse there alone. Maryse says she thinks maybe a gun would be a good idea and Miz is against it.

Rusev’s mom Slavka arrives at their house. Lana’s family is there as well. Lana says there will be chef coming in and Lana’s mom is disappointed that Lana did not make the food. Rusev’s mom finds Lana’s stripper pole that came apart and Lana’s family lies for her and says all houses have those poles for roof support so Lana won’t be embarrassed.

Brie and Daniel come to Renee and Dean’s house in Las Vegas. Brie invited Nikki without telling Renee and so now Renee is off guard but needs to go get stuff for Nikki. Renee is trying to be a good hostess since her and Dean never have company.

At Lana and Rusev’s BBQ, Rusev puts Lana on the spot and talks to Lana in front of his mom about where the wedding should be. They talk about the Bulgarian traditions. Lana tells them about her dream beach wedding. Lana tells Rusev’s mom that they are getting married in Malibu and Rusev’s mom says “no way”.

Maryse has Eva come over while she is alone. Eva brings stuff to set up traps Home Alone style in case there is an invader attempt. Eva is trying to distract her from the seriousness of the situation. Eva says she needs to get a gun. Maryse says that she won’t because Miz didn’t want her to. Maryse says she wants to go to the shooting range with Eva to see what it is like.

Rusev and his mom talk about the wedding and Rusev says he will convince Lana to do the Bulgarian wedding.

Apparently, Nikki is the most gullible person in the world. She thought both the Martian and Harry Potter were based on true stories….Wow.

Dean, Renee, Nikki, Brie and Daniel go riding on ATV’s and then in a Monster Truck. Nikki sits out the Monster Truck and feels like a fifth wheel.

Lana’s dad and Rusev talk about the wedding. He is trying to get everyone to convince Lana to do the Bulgarian wedding. He is all about tradition and never even asked Lana’s dad for his blessing. She really does not want a Bulgarian wedding.

Maryse and Eva go to the shooting range and Miz does not know that they are there. Eva wants Maryse to get some experience before she decides anything. Maryse gets a head shot her first time. Maryse wants the gun but does not want to go against Mike.

Back in Vegas at Renee’s, Renee is making food for everyone. Renee didn’t look up how to do anything until it was time to cook. Renee is burning the fish and has no clue what she is doing. She is working too hard to try and hostess that she isn’t enjoying her company. Renee drops a plate of shrimp and it seems like Renee is just trying too hard to make everyone happy and is trying to do too much.

Renee is having trouble decorating her house. She is trying to impress everyone and wants everything to be perfect. Brie wants her to go do something relaxing.

Eva finds out that Maryse got a gun and has not talked to Mike and she feels safer.

Lana, Rusev and Lana’s dad go out to eat. Lana is frustrated and Rusev formally asks Lana’s dad for permission to marry Lana. Lana’s dad clearly loves Rusev and gives his blessing. Lana is happy that he is following tradition.

In Vegas, Brie, Nikki and Renee talk and tell Renee she needs to chill out. Renee is finally relaxing and have a good day for their trip.

Maryse facetimes with Mike and she tells him that she bought a gun. Mike thought they were going to discuss it and he says that he was going to buy her one anyways.

Lana announces that they are going to have two weddings to make everyone happy.

This episode largely featured cast members that have had little screen time so far this season so it was nice to get a closer look into their lives. It will be interesting to see how the weddings play out.

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