Total Divas Recap 12/20 Fake It "Til You Make It

This week on Total Divas, the women finish up their Cabo vacation, Brie thinks more about her career and motherhood, Trinity tries to spruce up her sex life, and Maryse and Miz make a bet about their diet.

Last week, we ended with a huge fight blowing up between Lana and Nattie. Nattie threw Lana’s personal belongings, including her phone, towards the ocean outside and wouldn’t fess up to Lana what she had done. Shortly after everyone wakes up and remembers all the happenings while Brie Mode was activated, Nattie returns Lana’s belongings to her. Nattie comes down to breakfast and Lana issues an apology in front of everyone. Nattie doesn’t know how sincere it is. Later while they are all out on the ocean, Lana jumps off a cliff into the ocean and Nattie says that she knows she does care for Lana because she would be sad if Lana had gotten hurt. Lana and Nattie make up.

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While on the trip, Brie misses baby Birdie and she starts to cry. She tells everyone how much motherhood has changed her and she is struggling with wanting to be a good mom to Birdie and wanting to have a career and her own life. Bryan is very supportive of whatever Brie wants to do. Brie and Nikki go play some soccer with kids and Brie realizes how off her stamina is and knows that the road back to the ring will be rough. She decides to go out hiking and Nia Jax joins her. Nia passes on words of wisdom to Brie and tells her that she can be very empowering to other women and be a mom and have a career at the same time if that is what she wants. Nia says that it would be great for other moms in the same situation have someone to relate to.

Trinity mentions during the Cabo trip that her sex life with husband Jon (Uso) is not the absolute best of late. She explains that they are busy with work and his kids, so their intimate time has not been what it used to be. Nattie suggests role playing because that was a way she spruced up her bedroom time with T.J. Trinity decides that they will give it a try. The couple go to a costume shop and try out different outfits, but nothing is working. Then they decide to try and go to a bar and pretend that they don’t know each other and try to pick the other one up. It fails miserably but was fun to watch. Trinity realizes that they don’t need the gimmicks and are happy just being themselves.

Maryse is a vegetarian and has a strong belief that you should not eat animals. Miz is the opposite and loves to eat all kinds of meat. Maryse and Miz come to the agreement that Miz will be vegetarian for one whole week IF Maryse takes one bite of prime rib. Maryse does not want to take a bite at all, but ends up doing it. Miz was shocked that she actually took a bite. He was hoping that he would call her bluff and would not have to lose the bet. She surprised him, and he had to be vegetarian for one week. She brought him a burger and tricked him by not telling him it was Tofu with beet juice. He ended up loving the burger, even after he found out it was Tofu and told her that he would go to the vegetarian places with her from now on.

Total Divas airs Wednesday nights on the E! Channel.

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