Total Divas Recap 12/6 Bella Rush

This week on Total Divas, Brie struggles with not being in the ring anymore, Lana and Rusev talk children, and Nattie has family problems after buying her parents a house.

Brie is trying to find things to take her mind off not being in the ring anymore. Nikki and Brie decide to try skateboarding. Nikki likes it a lot, but Brie says it isn’t for her. Later, they go to the horse races and the roar of the crowd makes Brie miss wrestling that much more. Brie talks to Nikki one on one later and they decide they need to have a comeback. Brie goes in to see how she is doing in the ring, keep in mind this is only 9 weeks after giving birth, and she is a bit rusty to say the least. Brie says she feels like she hasn’t worked out in 20 years. Brie decides that even though it is going to be a lot of hard work in the gym to get back in physical shape, she is willing to do it to try and make a comeback.

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Nattie has bought her parents a house and is dealing with landlord type issues. The sink is clogged due to bacon grease, her parents are smoking and leaving cigarettes around the house, and now a dog has been brought into the mix. Nattie is frustrated and wants her parents to take care of the house that she got for them. Nattie’s parents feel like she is being too much of a landlord instead of a daughter (Nattie pays unexpected visits constantly to check on the status of the house), so Nattie’s mom draws up a landlord/tenant contract. Nattie at first is a little insulted when seeing the contract, however, after reading it, she likes it more and more and feels like it is a good compromise.

 Alexa Bliss is feeling a little lonely and she expresses how much she loves animals. Alexa and Nia head to a pig farm and see pigs of all sizes and Alexa buys a teacup pig. Nia then buys fast food and jokes about giving the pig some of her bacon cheeseburger. Alexa tells her that she can’t because that is cannibalism.

Lana is helping Rusev celebrate his name day, a tradition in Bulgaria. They invite over Nia, Alexa, Sheamus and a few non-wrestler friends. In the middle of the festivities, Lana says that Rusev has asked for children for his present, however, Lana is currently against this wish. It becomes awkward at the party and they sort of drop the issue. However, the topic continues to come up. Lana says she is absolutely not ready for kids, she explains that she is just getting to where she wants to be in her career and if she gets pregnant, she will have to retire, and she is not ready for that yet. Rusev is ready for kids and has a hard time seeing Lana’s perspective. After more talking Lana tells Rusev that she will eventually try to have kids with him, however, it will be a few years down the road. She says that this will be when she is 40 and lots of women are having babies later in life, and she will probably be one of them.

Next week on Divas, the ladies go to Cabo! Catch Total Divas on the E! Channel on Wednesday nights.

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