Total Divas Recap 1/3 Single in the City

It’s SummerSlam week and the women are excited because both brands for Raw and Smackdown are in the same city. This means that the women are all together for once and they feel they should celebrate. Nia says that this is good for her since she has been a bit lonely since she does not have a significant other. Lo and behold, Maryse already has plans for her and has scoped out a Fireman’s party, basically a mix and mingle with single fireman and EMT workers. Nia reluctantly says yes because she knows that this is out of her comfort zone but wants to give it a try. They end up going and Nia is not fond of the people she meets, except for one. The conversation was brief between Nia and the fireman, but they did exchange phone numbers. Maryse then decides that since all the girls are together, that they should do a Sex in the City themed party.

Alexa and her fiancé Buddy Murphy have been engaged for a while, but Alexa feels like planning a wedding is extremely hard since they see each other one day a week if they are lucky. Buddy is from Australia and is in the United States on a work visa. The concern for them is that if he gets let go from NXT, the work visa would expire and then they would have to figure out another option. He tells Alexa that if they get married that would give him the green card and they could also get a fiancé card, which basically gives you 90 days to plan and complete the wedding. Alexa did not like the sound of either of these ideas. She is too stressed planning a wedding in that little amount of time and did not sound like she would be up for eloping. The following day at breakfast, Nia asks them what the plans are for the wedding and Alexa filled her in. Nia could tell that Alexa was just making up excuses and told her that she needs to evaluate if she even wants to get married or not. Alexa feels like Nia is not being supportive and leaves. The pair later apologize and make up, but it did make for some awkward moments.

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Lana and Nattie are still at each other’s throats. Lana still brings up how poor Nattie’s promos are and Nattie has felt so insecure about her promos that she has hired a vocal coach to help her with them. Nattie, Carmella and Lana were all talking, and it came up from Nattie that Lana had maybe influenced the writers to put Lana on the live shows over Carmella. Lana said that she did suggest it for her storyline but did not want Carmella to be taken off. Carmella is pissed. When it comes up again later and Lana kind of apologizes, Carmella tells Lana that she does not play games. The two did not resolve the issue and were still fighting at the end of the episode.

During all the arguments, Rusev was getting irritated with Lana because there were photos of her kissing Trinity in an innocent way. Rusev did not understand why Lana would take a bunch of pictures of herself kissing other women. Lana told him that she is attracted to beautiful women and likes to be affectionate. Rusev calls her out on it at a drag bar later and introduces Lana to a lesbian woman that he met at the bar. Rusev basically taught Lana a lesson on not trying to make him jealous with other women unless she wanted other women.

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