Total Divas Recap 4/26 Runaway Bride

Eva is visiting her dad who recently had a knee replacement surgery and has colon cancer that has not gone away. Eva is concerned about her father’s health and the part that he can control is his diet. She wants to take control and try to help him with his food. Eva makes him green smoothies with all veggies. Eva’s family, of course, hates it. Eva snoops to see if her dad is still secretly smoking. She finds cigarette butts outside. She feels like there absolutely needs to be a change for her dad’s health. Eva has a heart to heart with her dad. She is just super worried about him. She talks one on one with him and she expresses her concerns and he tells her not to worry.

Lana and Rusev are in Bulgaria for the second wedding. Rusev takes control and Lana already had the wedding she wanted so it is time for his traditions and customs. The first thing that goes wrong is that Lana’s sister is there and Lana wants her to be the maid of honor. Rusev tells her that her sister cannot because it is the custom for the best man’s wife to be the maid of honor. Lana is already upset about that but she already did have her sister as the maid of honor in the first wedding. Then, Lana went to get christened in the Greek Orthodox church and Rusev said it would just be a very small amount of water on her forehead. Then they put a lot of water all over her head and cut small piece of hair. She is being over dramatic about it and threatens to leave back to America. They make up for the time being.

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Nattie, Trinity and John (Uso) show up in Bulgaria for Lana and Rusev wedding number two. Nattie gets filled in on the Lana drama. Lana totally over exaggerates.  Lana for sure needs to chill, she got her crazy circus wedding, it’s time for Rusev to get his weird Bulgarian wedding with the traditions that mean a lot to him and his family.  Rusev talks privately with Lana and tells her that she ruined half the day from the Bulgarian traditions. Rusev says he is over it and Lana storms off. The following morning, Nattie gives Lana some advice to just let some of the things go for the sake of their marriage. This helps Lana reset and she is ready to live in the moment.

Lana apologizes to Rusev for the way she acted and tells him she is excited. They do all the traditional customs including a hide the shoe custom, dancing in the streets, the ceremony itself, throwing doves, and of course the reception.

Nikki gets an e-mail being offered a spot with Dancing with the Stars. Nikki is excited and wants to try and do it and do her comeback at the same time. John Cena tells Nikkie that she is fooling herself thinking that she can do both. Cena asks her what is more important and that she can only pick one. Nikki calls her agent for Dancing with the Stars, and passes on it. Nikki just wants to do wrestling and wants to go back to her passion.

Next week on Total Divas, Nikki goes through more training, Maryse is looking for romance with Miz (swimming with sharks counts, right?), and Nattie talks to an agent for her cat 2Pawz.

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