Total Divas Recap 4/5 The Draft

We are back with the second half of season 6 of Total Divas. We left off with the brand split and the divas all being stressed about who was going to Raw and Smackdown, and who would get split up. In the meantime, Nikki Bella is stressed because she has been cleared to wrestle, but not cleared to start back up in the WWE so she will not be a part of the draft. Nikki and Nattie go to the Performance Center to work with Nikki in the ring.  Paige's MRI comes back in the meantime and there is some concern with it. The results say that there is something very minor going on with the nerve but does NOT need surgery and can go back in the ring after a couple of weeks of physical therapy. 

Trinity and John (Uso) talk about the possibility of being split up, Trinity says she absolutely doesn't want to go through being split up on different brands.

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Eva Marie talks about her challenges with the company. Her husband and parents say how proud they are of her and to never quit. Eva is moved to tears by the support of her family.

Nattie disagrees with Nikki wanting to have opponents give her neck breakers during training. Nattie takes Nikki's injury very seriously and has a talk with Nikki about it. Nikki says that she wants her comeback and wants to be pushed to the limits and if Nattie doesn't want to be her opponent she will find someone else to work with. Nattie is very genuinely concerned and is no stranger to neck injuries, especially considering her husband TJ's career has been pretty much over due to a neck/spinal injury, Nattie clearly does not take it lightly.

The night of the draft is here, Renee gets the heads up that she is going to be on Smackdown but still doesn't know if her significant other Dean Ambrose will be joining her. Paige has heard rumors that they will be splitting her up with Del Rio and is not happy about it but is hoping everything will work out. Nikki is still working hard in the Performance Center so she can make the comeback she desperately wants.

Renee gets her wish and Dean is the first draft pick to Smackdown. Rusev and Lana go to Raw, Lana is upset that she is going to be away from one of her best friends Nattie who went to Smackdown. Trinity and John go to the same brand with Smackdown as well.  Miz and Maryse go to Smackdown. Lana makes the comment that "all my friends are leaving me". Alberto Del Rio goes to Smackdown and Paige is drafted to Raw. She is understandably upset since thus far, she is part of the only couple being split apart. Eva gets nervous when the girls from NXT start getting called up and drafted and she hasn't been called, then she does get drafted to Smackdown.

Nikki calls Brie from the Performance Center and tells her that Nattie has brought her self confidence down. She wants to be around supportive people and Brie says she should talk it out with Nattie. Brie goes to Nattie's house and they talk about the Nikki situation. Brie says that she understands the pain of not being able to wrestle now that she has retired. Brie says that Nikki knows her body the best and has the doctor has given the go ahead. Brie tells Nattie to help bring Nikki's confidence back up and to trust her. 

Lana is sad that she doesn't have Trinity and Nattie and she wants to use the brand split to her advantage and possibly go down to NXT to work on her in ring skills more. She wants to one day be Women's Champion and is told by Mark Carrano that she need to hold off on that for now due to lack of storyline and her being on Raw with Rusev. Lana meets with Nia Jax and tells her that Paige is super immature. Nia says she is staying out of the drama. Lana then tries to Facetime with Nattie and then Trinity because she doesn't have any locker room friends.

Nikki goes and talks to Nattie, and Nattie apologizes to Nikki for making her doubt herself. Nattie just let her know that it was really close to home and she was emotional because of it.

Paige is on the cusp of a mental breakdown at the end of the show. She talks with Alicia Fox and says that her and Del Rio broke up due to the brand split and never being able to see each other. Paige said it was the most heartbreaking thing in her life and she was ready to settle down with him. She says she needs to go and rethink everything in her life.

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