Total Divas Recap 5/3 Swimming with Pigs

Brie and Nikki are going to go talk to an agency that represents dogs and the agency wants to represent the Bella French bulldogs Winston and Josie. Nattie gets wind of it and wants to meet with the agency also to talk to them about representing her cat 2Pawz. Nattie totally invited herself along.  Nattie butts in the conversation and takes over Brie and Nikki’s meeting.  Nikki feels that Nattie is way overdoing it and once Nattie sat done, Brie and Nikki couldn’t get in a word.

Renee also has a dog named Blue who she would like to now try and do the agency thing too. Nattie gets jealous and clearly doesn’t want her to have her dog Blue with an agency.

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Nattie visits Rosa Mendes and talks with Rosa’s significant other Bobby about merchandise, specifically shirts, for her cat 2Pawz. Later she meets up with Renee and Dean at a bar. Renee and Nattie take turns showing pictures of their pets trying to one up each other. Renee mentions that she already talked to Bobby and she is also going to have t-shirts made of Blue and Nattie gets mad. Nattie says that Renee is trying to jump on her bandwagon and she is a shady copycat. Nattie leaves.  

Brie and Nattie go and grab coffee, Nattie complains about Renee. Brie call her out about the dog agency thing. Nattie understands that they all blew things out of proportion and decide to try and make a Dean and 2Pawz shirt as a joke to Renee to smooth over tension. How bad is your life when cats vs. dogs is the most important argument you have going on?

Nikki goes to talk with WWE doctors to see if she is cleared. She is hoping to be back in by SummerSlam, and she is. Nikki knows she needs to retire her finisher The Rack Attack. Nikki is thinking maybe she will do a submission for a finisher. Nikki tries to do some submission training with MMA fighter Shayna Baszler, but nothing was clicking. Nikki is kind of in a funk and feels like part of her is missing since she can’t do her old finisher and the submission stuff isn’t working. Nikki continues training and has ideas for her finisher.

Maryse tells Miz she is ready for a honeymoon, even though they have already been married three years, they never got a chance for a honeymoon and she is ready for it. They decide to go Exuma with Eva and her husband Jonathan. Maryse suggests doing swimming with pigs. They have a huge vacation spot. Maryse is dying for romance and won’t stop talking about swimming with pigs. Maryse gets frustrated with fantasy football talk from Miz, who must do his draft during the vacation. Miz then decides to go spear fishing which is what he wants to do, when all Maryse wants to do is swim with pigs. Maryse tries to seduce Miz while he is drafting his team for fantasy football. She goes to bed mad and unsatisfied. Maryse is giving Miz the silent treatment the following morning. The group then go to do spear fishing. The guys seem like they are on a honeymoon together and the girls are getting no love. They go out spear fishing and neither guy can catch a lobster, Maryse is pissed because she felt like the day was being wasted. Then she does a dive a catches a lobster on her first try and the day turns around for her.

The following day is all about the ladies in Exuma, and they do a tour and the pigs come to swim! These pigs are friendly, heard the boat right away and went right in the water. Maryse is on cloud nine, and is having a blast. That is exactly what she had wanted during her honeymoon.

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