OFF-TRACK: Sister Abigail Might Have Spoiled Her Own Identity On Twitter Last Night (WAIT, NO IT'S WORSE)

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where I recklessly speculate on the identity of the woman
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Sage Beckett Might Be The Worst Ever At Keeping Secrets

So last night, Bray Wyatt might have finally snapped.

It would be an improvement.

He's spent the better part of 2017 showing up on the Titantron and telling random dudes "You're just a man, MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN." Then he proclaims himself to be a God and then he loses the feud.

So if he really has broken his brain this time, at least it would be a change of pace.

He did the "appear on the Titantron" bit last night, but the subject matter was less "I'm a God" and more "my dead sister isn't really dead and also she would never lie to me, and also maybe I'm my dead sister who isn't really dead."

Like I said, at least it was different.

He ended the segment looking like this:

So maybe he's just trying on his Girl-From-"The-Ring" costume a few weeks before Halloween, or maybe he's just messing with the filters on the ol' Snapchat, or maybe he's actually supposed to be morphing into some kind of swamp demon?

At this point, who knows?

He did say that Sister Abigail is dying to meet Finn Balor, so it's possible, after all these years and all these promos, they're finally, actually going have some female wrestler portray Bray's sibling muse.

But who will it be? It's fun to speculate, but surely the true identity of the actress is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the --

What's that?

Mae Young Classic competitor Sage Beckett might have already spilled the beans?

On her Twitter, you say?

And we have it embedded below?

And I should just shut up and show the Tweet?

I'm being obnoxious?

It was fun for a bit but now it's just lame?

Kind of like Bray Wyatt's character?


Here's the Tweet:

So either Sage is just trolling or she's the worst ever in the history of the world at keeping a secret. Tthe chances of this all being real aren't great, but I do like the image and the catchphrase. 

However, if there is a real flesh-and-blood (and-ashes-cuz-Randy-Orton-set-her-on-fire) Sister Abigail it probably won't be the former Rosie Lottalove from TNA.

Is it going to be Bray Wyatt's real-life sister Mika Rotunda?

Probably not.

At this point, I'd say there's a better chance of us getting clean-shaven Erick Rowan in drag or something.

You're right, it's definitely that last one.

Editor's Editor note from SRS: Oh, it gets worse. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there is no female character planned. Instead, it'll be Bray Wyatt in paint, much like Finn Balor as "The Demon." Goody goody gumdrops

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