Off Track With A-Train: UPDATE: Roman Responds To Cena, Has No Idea What He's Gotten Himself Into

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Kevin Owens likes to mess with fans at Live Events. He's probably the best in the world at it.

You might remember that a few weeks ago, he got in the face of a kid wearing a Roman Reigns shirt and told the kid "Don't Ever Touch Me."

(Little brat deserved it, honestly. Wearing the merchandise of the biggest heel in WWE. He should know better.)

Anyway, the kid's mom went off on Facebook, saying she was heartbroken now that her son knows that the bad guys sometimes say mean things.

Because they're bad guys.

Anyway, I wrote about it back then, and you can read that story by clicking here.

Well, KO is up to his old tricks. Before his match with Roman in Brooklyn on Wednesday, he got into it with an elderly gentleman at ringside.

Yeah, probably don't mess with Kevin Owens unless you want your own DEATH FORECAST.

Honestly, that kid from two weeks ago is lucky Owens wasn't like "I wouldn't try bungee jumping on your eighteenth birthday if I were you."

Anyway, during the match with Reigns, while taking him to Chinlock City (Population: 1), Owens heeled out on a different fan in the front row.

Here's a brief transcript:

"I made more money this week than you will all year. I got 35K just in royalties. And then like, 11 or 12 for the loop. How much did you make? Come on. You're pulling in 27 thousand dollars for the year?"

And Roman, because apparently there's an actual human being underneath all that smirking, smarmy arrogance, a real-life actual human being with an actual sense of humor, starts laughing.

Owens makes Roman crack up WHILE HE'S GOT HIM IN A HEADLOCK.

KO should really start doing stand up comedy. I doubt he'll ever find a tougher audience than the dude he's actively trying to beat up.

Anyway, Roman goes on to win the match because of course he does. #RomanIsWolverineLOL.

So then, late the following afternoon, as news is breaking all over the wrestling news media that Roman is totally unprofessional for laughing at his opponent's jokes, Roman realizes that he needs to respond.

So he does.

And then KO responds to Roman's response.

I mean, of course he didn't. It was given to him by Vince's team of writers.

So anyway, while the top guys on Raw were over there clowning each other in the Northeast, Big Daddy John was putting in work down south, and he had a little something to say.

Oh, by the way, Georgia Tech, where Cena was working out, that's where Roman Reigns went to school.

That is the very same gym that Joe A'noai lifted in when he was playing D-Line for the Yellowjackets.

Cena went to Roman's old stomping grounds, probably bested Joe's old record in the Power Clean by at least 85 pounds, got a video of that shit, posted it on Twitter and SHUT THAT JUNIOR HIGH SHIT DOWN.

In short, John Cena just did this:

We'll see how it goes from here, and I'll definitely keep you updated.

Chances are, Kevin Owens will have something to say about this whole thing.

He usually does.


Roman Reigns decided he wasn't done, and now he wants to come at the king.

He best not miss.

Uh oh.

I just hope Kevin Owens is sitting back watching like:

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