Off-Track with A-Train: Virgil's Wise Words For James Ellsworth Prove He's Not Always Wrong

Welcome to another edition of 


Thunder Rosa: I've Been On the Top, I Left On The Top And Guess What? I'm Still On The Top

where I bring you the news from off the beaten path

In today's episode ...

I mean, he's not wrong...

Like, for the first time in a very, very, VERY long time, Virgil is not wrong.

Like this tweet for example, sent out while he was watching the Grammys.

That's just wrong. You shouldn't say things like that. Or even think them.

Or how about this tweet, sent out when he was watching Elimination Chamber.

Like, objectively, that is just a false statement.

That's not even an alternative fact, it's just a plain old lie.

Now, in case you couldn't figure it out, Virgil enjoys live-tweeting major events, like the Golden Globes.

Uh, Apollo Creed's costume from Rocky pre-dates your Uncle Sam outfit by at least a full decade, Virgil. If anyone is owed a paycheck it's Carl Weathers 

So you, my friend, are wrong.

He also live-tweeted the Super Bowl, with one very unfortunate result.

Whoa. WHOA. Not cool, Virgil. That's just plain wrong.

Virgil says a lot of things that are wrong.

But when he talks about James Ellsworth winding up at Wrestle Con hustling for twenties?


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